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March has arrived, and I find myself wrapping up February with a full brain that is equally tired and excited, fresh out of three days at Inspire Photo Retreats in Newport, Rhode Island. I’ll do a full post on Inspire in a few days, but tonight I’m looking forward to sharing month two of my 12-month, 365-day personal project.

If I had to think of one word to describe the project this month, it would be difficult. Difficult to find good light. Difficult to stay fresh and not redundant. Difficult some days to stay motivated. As I settle into this project, I’m finding that it is already time to start seeking out different situations, go on new adventures, and push myself to shoot in new and different lighting situations than I am used to. Pushing myself to learn and improve is a huge part of what this project is for me, so I’m grateful for a month that presented itself with these challenges, and following some really incredible conversations and feedback while at Inspire, I’m excited to see how my work continues to grow and develop going into March.

There are 28 days in February (well, this year anyway). Here are our 28 February days of 2017.

maine-lifestyle-photographer-01 maine-lifestyle-photographer-02 maine-lifestyle-photographer-03 maine-lifestyle-photographer-04 maine-lifestyle-photographer-05 maine-lifestyle-photographer-06 maine-lifestyle-photographer-07 maine-lifestyle-photographer-08 maine-lifestyle-photographer-09 maine-lifestyle-photographer-10 maine-lifestyle-photographer-11 maine-lifestyle-photographer-12 maine-lifestyle-photographer-13 maine-lifestyle-photographer-14 maine-lifestyle-photographer-15 maine-lifestyle-photographer-16 maine-lifestyle-photographer-17 maine-lifestyle-photographer-18 maine-lifestyle-photographer-19 maine-lifestyle-photographer-20 maine-lifestyle-photographer-21 maine-lifestyle-photographer-22 maine-lifestyle-photographer-23 maine-lifestyle-photographer-24 maine-lifestyle-photographer-25 maine-lifestyle-photographer-26 maine-lifestyle-photographer-27 maine-lifestyle-photographer-28


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