{Peaks Island Photo Walk} | Portland Maine Photographer

Portland has so many amazing places, but when I think about my favorite places to spend time, especially when the weather is nice, Peaks Island is pretty high on my list. Set out in Casco Bay, a trip to the island almost feels like a mini vacation, even if you are there for just a few hours. Last week I took a day with fellow photographers, Becca from Becca Wood Photography, and Patty from Kivalo Photography to visit the island for a little photo walk. We had no real agenda in mind, except for the idea to take some head shots of each other, and whatever else might inspire us on our walk. We explored the perimeter of the island, as well as a seriously cool (and seriously graffitied) fort in the middle, snapping away the entire time. We walked until our feet hurt, our faces were sunburned, and our memory cards were full.  I found myself so inspired by not only the amazing scenery, but the talented company I was with. Here are some of my favorite images from our day on the island.


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