Nora {Fels Grove and Madeleine Point} | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

Six years ago I was the lucky one, when Martha and Ryan found me online and asked if I would be willing to take photos of their daughter Nora, who was just about a year old at the time. What I didn’t know at the time was that they were hoping to photograph Nora each year for eighteen straight years, and this year was year number 7. Over the past six years, I have not only had the extreme pleasure of photographing these three, but also getting to know them, and becoming friends with them as well (photog goals!!). And what I have learned over these past several years is that Martha, Ryan, and Nora are unwaveringly some of the nicest, calmest, sweetest, and most appreciative people I have ever met. It’s no surprise that Nora is growing into a big kid full of happy joy and love – she is so obviously surrounded by it every day.

Since the first year I’ve had Nora in front of my camera, I’ve been in love with her sweet (and sometimes wild!) curly hair, amazing giggles and laughs, and bright eyes. And perhaps the best part of each session is arriving wondering how she will be dressed – because Martha and Ryan truly treat this as Nora’s series of photos, and so, allowing her to choose her outfits year after year. This year I was laughing and cheering before I even got out of the car, because I was greeted by one happy Wonder Woman, ready for her photo shoot, and I was so grateful to see that Nora had not yet outgrown her love of dress-up. We started with super-hero photos at Fels Grove here in Yarmouth, and then headed down the street to Madeleine Point, where Nora changed into her suit and had a little fun swimming before heading home. It is a true honor to document this family and little Nora as she grows, and I love how much this year in particular shows off her personality and charm. Here are my favorites of sweet Nora and our fun evening together.


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