My Approach

I have found that people tend to fall in one of two categories – those who love having their photo taken, and those who absolutely do not.  My job is to make those who love it even more excited about the process, and those who do not love it leave their session thinking that having their picture taken isn’t so terrible after all – in fact, it may even be kind of fun.:)


I photograph many different types of portrait and lifestyle sessions – from engagements, to maternity, to newborns, and to families. It doesn’t matter why you are in front of my camera however, my job is to make you relaxed so you look and feel natural in images that will be a part of you and your family forever.  By getting to know what you are looking for from your session, and allowing both candid and posed photos, you have the opportunity to relax and just be yourself. I love couples that whisper in each other’s ears, children who run and play during sessions, and families that become comfortable enough to laugh and tell stories while I snap away from behind the lens.


Before your session we will work together to pick a place that you are excited about and/or has special meaning to you. I prefer outdoor portrait sessions to be around and hour and a half before sunset for the best light, and also love indoor at-home sessions for a more relaxed and intimate feel. I’ll help you choose outfits, and listen to your questions, hopes, and concerns for the session.

During the session I will make silly jokes, probably do a silly dance, probably ask you to do a silly dance, and help direct you to be comfortable and relaxed. I understand that every couple and every family is unique with different comfort levels and will work to create a situation that truly allows you to be yourself.

After the session, you will view a gallery full of a variety images that reflect who you are as a couple or a family, with the hopes that we can build a relationship that allows me to continue to capture who you are for years to come.


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