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I first noticed my three-year-old daughter Molly’s fascination with horses when I took her to the Fryeburg Fair last fall. We stopped to take a break and watch the horse show for just a few minutes, and an hour later she was still glued everything happening in front of us. Every day on her way to school we drive by a farm, and she says good morning to “her” horse, and she talks quite often about her imaginary horse “Capitan” (we’re not sure where that one came from!) I love that she is an animal lover, and have been impressed with her interest towards horses.

As luck would have it, our neighbors Heather and Trevor (you’ll remember them from Liza’s newborn session a few weeks ago) work at Heather’s grandparent’s horse farm in Cumberland. Heather is a trainer, and so generously offered to give Molly a riding lesson, which we gratefully accepted and did this morning. I brought my camera along as a proud parent, but after seeing Heather work her magic with Molly and her sweet horse Scotty, I knew I had to share them so I could sing her praises. Heather was incredibly patient and calm and such an amazing teacher to a very excited three year old student. She taught Molly the essential riding things that I expected, such as how to sit properly, and make Scotty walk and stop, but she also took the time to educate Molly about safety precautions, horse mannerisms, and the many different tools necessary to properly walk, ride, and groom the animal. Molly absolutely loved her lesson, and I am so grateful to Heather for taking the time today to do something that meant so much to my kiddo. I have a feeling this lesson will be the first of many as I seem to be raising my own little horse lover. 🙂

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Oh my goodness – she is just too darn cute

I can’t believe our little girl is big enough to get on that big horse. Great pictures and looks like Molly really enjoyed her time.


Love what you see?



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