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It’s been a looooong time since I was in high school. But even now, over twenty years later, the friends I had way back then still have a soft spot in my heart that is really unlike any other. Even though we’ve all ended up all over the country, and sometimes we go weeks, months, or years without having a real conversation or check-ins, when those moments do happen, they fill my heart with more joy than I can really even express. No matter where life has taken us, when we reconnect, we shift back twenty years and it’s like time has not passed at all. Matt was one of my dear friends from elementary school through college, and years later, after moving away to the DC area for a bit, he decided to return home to Maine with his wife Erin (also one of our high school buddies!). As luck would have it, they decided to settle right here in Yarmouth, and we were so excited to be able to have our kids grow up together. I’m going to give ourselves a sold D- minus for our efforts hanging out, (we’re gonna work on that!), but every time I bump into Matt at the grocery store, on the field, or just around town, my heart is so happy to know that he and his family live so close by. You might know Matt from WGAN Mornings, or from the baseball field where he is active with his sons, and I can tell you, he is still the same fiery, hilarious, and big-hearted guy he was growing up.

Matt reached out a few weeks ago, asking for some headshots for work and LinkedIn, and to celebrate the progress he has made to become a more active and healthy person. I was so excited to be able to say yes and spend a very chilly 20 minutes with him here in town, capturing his serious and silly side, and the Matt I’ve known for so many years. Here are my favorites from our time together, with this guy looking as strong and confident as ever. I’m proud of you, my friend! 👏🏻


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