LifestyleInformation & Pricing


Lifestyle sessions are aimed at capturing you and your family just being YOU. With minimal to no direction from me, I will capture your family in your natural state – with no posing, and no “everybody look at the camera” images. Lifestyle sessions can be anything you want – a day at home, pizza night out, a hike in the woods, playing on the beach, a trip to the playground and ice cream store, game night, a day on your summer vacation – you pick it! The possibilities are endless.

Lifestyle sessions are offered in three different varieties, each with their own package options:

1. Short Lifestyle (45 minutes – 1 hour)

2. Mid Lifestyle (2-2.5 hours)

3. Long Lifestyle (Up to six hours)

Lifestyle session packages are inclusive and offer options for digital images and/or prints, canvases, and albums. A $250 retainer and signed contract are required to book your session. Please contact me for a full list of package options and pricing.