{Jen, Expecting} | Portland Maine Maternity Photographer

I am so very excited to share today’s maternity session. Not only do I love these winter beach photos, but I adore the individual in them, and these images are incredibly special to me. One of the things I have always felt especially fortunate about are the friendships I still have with people from my elementary, middle, and high school years. Jen is one of these people, and has been one of my best friends for almost as long as I can remember. Her family is like my family (no seriously, I call her mom “Mom 2”), and although she has moved all the way to Buffalo and our catch up conversations aren’t as often as we’d love them to be, she is still like a sister to me, and always will be. There is a true beauty in a pregnant woman, but when that pregnant woman is one of your closest friends, the excitement is almost unexplainable. I was so incredibly happy that Jen asked me to take her maternity photos for her while she was visiting Maine last weekend for her Maine shower and I have to give her serious props for her lighthearted and fun attitude despite sub zero temperatures on a beach in February. My best friend is absolutely glowing and I cannot wait for the news of baby Olivia’s arrival in the next few months.

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