Hello, my name is Kristina, and I’m a Click Pro (squeeeee!)

I have to start by saying that today’s post is a bit of a humble-brag, but I believe that life and career milestones deserve a big high five, and since my company is a party of one, it’s up to me to throw out that high five, so here it is. šŸ™‚

Several years ago, I joined an online community called Clickin’ Moms. In a day where there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to join communities with like-minded people, it’s hard to find one that feels like a good fit, and after trying a few different forums, I found a home in Clickin’ Moms. The site is dedicated to photography education by women, for women, and unlike the title may lead you to believe, this is not a community of moms who just want to take photos of their kids. Instead it’s a community full of photographers of all different abilities and talents – from those moms just wanting to learn how to use their cameras, to women beginning their careers, to women wanting to advance their careers, and to world-class women photographers who are literally changing the industry for the better.

As I spent time in the forums and following other members on Instagram, I found myself especially drawn to the work of photographers with the title of “Click Pro.” It seemed every image coming from this part of the community was shared with talent, intention, artistry, and expertise. I quickly knew that becoming a Click Pro was a major goal of mine in my career, and about three years ago I decided I wanted to apply. I started to look at my work and think about what might qualify as a good image as a part of the required 150-image application process, and very quickly realized I was not ready. I started my 2017 {365} project with the goal of completing the project, but also growing my portfolio for my application, but at the end of 2017 I still did not feel ready, and ended the year with the hope that I would feel better at the end of 2018. The next year also came and went and still, I just did not feel my work was up to par.

At the end of 2018, I felt discouraged and bummed and decided to do something about it. I proclaimed that 2019 was the year. The year I would step up. The year I would shoot with intention, in every single session, and every day with my new {365} project. I decided that at the end of 2019 IĀ needed to feel ready to apply for Click Pro. I went into 2019 with my back up straight, my cameras on my hips, my mind ready to focus and learn, and my soul determined to make it the best year ever.

And I did.

Every year I feel like my work grows. But last year, with my sights set on kicking some serious butt and taking my work to the next level, I made it happen. And so, I promised myself that in the slow season this winter, I would pull my application together and apply to be a Click Pro. After agonizing over which images to include, and with some helpful feedback from my prep group, I finally completed my set and sent in the application. And then began the dreaded two week wait.

The email came two weeks ago while we were on the bus to Florida, and being the emotional person I am, I sat on the bus with tears in my eyes reading about my acceptance into the program. Milestone achieved.

So, what does this mean? Besides the cool bragging rights of saying I’m a Click Pro, and a member of a community of the best women photographers in the world, I have the opportunity to learn from the best, share my work with the best, compete with the best, and hopefully use this opportunity to be able to teach other photographers through Clickin’ Moms, Click Magazine, and their forums. For me, this is a career dream come true, and I am so proud, and incredibly humbled and honored to be a part of a community that values photography, women, and education so very much.

So, humble brag complete. Thanks for letting me share my news, and throw my own little celebration. I’m so excited to be walking into this season ready to prove that I belong and that I deserve to be a Click Pro. Thank you to Clickin’ Moms for this acceptance – I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.

You can see my accepted set here, and my official Click Pro member directory listing here.



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