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Last week I got to spend a day on the farm with my neighbor and friend Heather Johnson. Heather trains horses and riders through her business Heather Johnson Dressage, and needed some images for the website she is creating. This was my first real experience photographing horses, and although I had spent some time with Heather and horses before, I really got to experience her in her element. I was so impressed, (although not surprised in the least), by her patience and natural interaction with these animals, combined with her high level of professionalism and and proper mannerisms as she prepped and rode the horses.

We photographed two horses, at two different farms. Sorcsha, belonging to Catherine Merrill, and Gus, belonging to Gretchen Hill, were both gentle, kind, and welcoming to the new lady with the big camera. It was a really special experience to photograph Heather in her element with these animals, and I’m excited to see her new website once it is up and running!

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If you are interested in talking with Heather about lessons, she can be contacted by phone at 207-272-8189.


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