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It’s been quiet around here lately – what I like to describe as the “calm before the storm.” School ended two weeks ago, and I have been enjoying some early summer family time with my little one before the craziness of the summer sessions and adventures begin. But today on a rainy day here in Maine, I wanted to take a few minutes to share the story and some images of a special place I got to visit while on Cape Cod last weekend for Hannah and Elyse’s wedding (coming to the blog in a few days!)


I met my dear friend Karen like many adults my age do these days – online, on a wedding planning board, several years ago. We became good Facebook friends, and I finally was able to meet her on a visit to Cape Cod a few years ago. She is spunky and fun, and just full of happiness and life.


While on our visit, Karen introduced us to a place very near and dear to her heart. Many years ago, her husband’s grandparents, Hazel and Roger, built a house overlooking Chatham Harbor. The house was a hub for visitors and activity and was much loved by the family.

In the late 80’s a hole developed on the beach, and the ocean slowly crept towards the line of houses on the beach, including Hazel and Roger’s. When “The Perfect Storm” hit in 1991, the house was flooded, and in such poor shape that it needed to be torn down.

From what Karen tells me, Hazel was not the type of lady to sit down and wallow. And so after a short time of the lot sitting empty and alone, Hazel and the family decided to build a Shanty. Together they created the structure, painted it, set picnic tables outside, and named it after it’s matriarch. They celebrated her 90th birthday at the small shack, and even after her passing, have celebrated weddings and events, and enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets overlooking Chatham Harbor from this special spot.

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The half  hour I got to spend at the Shanty last weekend with my bagel, coffee, and good friend was good for my soul. There is something peaceful, yet energizing about this small piece of land, and something tells me that’s exactly what Hazel meant it to be. Thanks for sharing this special part of your family with me, Karen and Dave!


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