For the Love of Summer {Why I love summer sessions} | Maine Family, Portrait, and Lifestyle Photographer

After a weekend of spring-like temperatures, it is becoming believable that summer is indeed on it’s way here in Maine. I’ve always been a big fan of summer, but this is also the time of year that I become a huge fan of living in Maine – there really is nothing better than summer days and nights in this state. So naturally, as I get excited for my favorite time of year, I get especially excited about summer photo sessions. As I sat on my patio today thinking of how much I am looking forward to them, I created a list of the top reasons why summer photo sessions are simply the best. Here they are:

1. The light is incredible. Yes, you can find gorgeous fall, spring, and winter light in Maine, but nothing gets my heart pumping like those summer evenings with a golden soft setting sun, or the dramatic balance of the sunset with storm clouds passing through. Even a foggy morning session can make for some stunning portraits on the beach, true to the ever-changing nature of the weather here in New England.maine-photographer2. We get to go to the beach. And play in the sand….and sometimes the water too. I don’t tend to sit well. And the beach – well, it makes me really excited. So beach sessions are spent chasing the light – and often times, chasing each other. We make sand castles, we run around, we splash in the water (don’t worry mom – we stay dry until any formal photos are complete…usually 😉 ). Bottom line – beach sessions are FUN.maine-photographer-13. We get to do “Maine” things. Summer sessions can take you wherever you want to go. The beach? Absolutely. Dinner at The Lobster Shack or an afternoon at camp? Um, heck yes. Hiking up Mt. Battie in Camden for scenic views of the harbor? Can we, please??!!! I’m obsessed with all things Maine in the summer, and fit as many of them in as I can during the warmer months. So if you’re feeling like a trip on the ferry around the Casco Bay Islands is the coolest possible thing we could do for your session – I’m all in, my friend. Bring it on!

maine-photographer-34. You’re on vacation. Even if you’re not, there’s no denying the fact that that you are most likely on “summer time.” You stay out longer, the kids stay up later. I mean, who wants to go to sleep when the peepers are just starting their evening song, even if you still have to get up in the morning? There is something relaxing about those late summer nights that just puts everyone on a different schedule. I like to shoot about an hour and a half before sunset for the best light. It’s far easier to have the kiddos stay up a little later on a summer evening for photos than it is on a school night in the spring and early fall. Plus the ice cream shops are always open to keep them happy for the ride home after. 🙂

maine-photographer-65. It’s warm outside. That means no coats. No bulk. No need to pretend you aren’t freezing for the photo, when in actuality, you can’t even feel your toes. Summer means pretty dresses, cute shorts, flip flops, and bathing suits. It’s easier, it’s happier, it makes for better photos. Win, win, win!maine-photographer-5Summer is coming quickly and session times are still available! Email me today to book your session before they are all gone. I can’t wait to spend my summer with you!


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