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Earlier this month I took an online class through The Bloom Forum called Everyday Beauty with Ginger Unzueta. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve recently discovered a love for lifestyle sessions, and Ginger’s workshop is aimed at finding beauty in the everyday – something I aim to do not only as I photograph my own family, but yours as well. During the course¬†Ginger expanded on many technical aspects of lifestyle photography, including finding light inside our homes, thinking about and capturing the details of our children and their personalities, shooting in public, telling stories, and more. We had assignments and daily journal entries, and it was almost as if I had another 30-day project as I found myself photographing my daughter Molly just about every day during the class.

I wanted to share some of my favorites from our lessons and assignments, and give a public thank you to Ginger who so graciously gave feedback and positive reinforcement to all of us while teaching us how to capture the beauty we see every single day we spend with our children. Her work and knowledge is an inspiration and look forward to using her teachings in my lifestyle sessions here at home and with my clients.

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