Calin {Yarmouth High School Class of 2021} | Yarmouth Maine Senior Photographer

Every year I get just a handful of seniors, and this year’s seniors have all totally rocked my world. What an amazing group of young people I’ve had in front of my lenses, and my last senior of the year is Calin. Calin is a member of Yarmouth High School’s Class of 2021, and is such a gem. I first met her last winter, when I was asked to present to the photography class at the high school. I was a nervous wreck walking into that room, and Calin’s huge smile, excitement about photography, and desire to hear what I had to say immediately calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable. I was totally pumped when her mom asked me to take her senior photos, and we had a stunning evening at Madeline Point here in town, where a bright setting sun illuminated this cheerful and smart young woman. I have to give Calin an extra shout out for not getting totally freaked out by my utter excitement about finally shooting at Madeline as I bounced all around her capturing the dramatic light in various ways around her. Calin has been an active athlete and student at Yarmouth High and is excited to hopefully study psychology and education in school (with hopefully a little photography in there?? 😉). I had a blast photographing her and soaking up a favorite spot in our town for her senior photos. Here are my favorites from our time together!


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