Bridget and Matt {Engaged} | Freeport Maine Engagement Photographer

Many moons ago, I was a rugby player (yes, really) for Keene State College in New Hampshire. My time on the team was one of the biggest highlights of my years there, and Bridget was one of my teammates. Outside of Facebook, we haven’t seen each other since graduation almostĀ 13 years ago, and I was thrilled to learn this fall, that she had become engaged. She and Matt live in New York City and had never been to Maine, so they decided to make the trip to get away for a weekend, and have their engagement photos taken at Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport. In college, Bridget was interested in theatre and was so fun to be around because she was always full of energy, spunk, and theatrics. Meeting Matt, I immediately knew that he was the perfect match for her, as he too, is full of energy, silliness, and a love for dramatics. Their session was goofy and fun, full of funny faces, silly monologues, and tons of giggles. In the midst of it all, we also captured the sweet side of this couple that is so comfortable together. They will tie the knot this fall in Connecticut, and I am so thrilled for them both, and so very happy to see my teammate and friend paired up with the one person who so perfectly completes her.

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what a great location they all are so beautiful thank you so much for being there friend I love them both so much and you brought out the best in them


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