{Brenda, Fitness Session} | Yarmouth Maine Photographer

I am so very excited to share Brenda’s photos this afternoon, from a session that carried so much meaning for this amazing woman. Brenda has been a client of mine for a few years now, and usually I’m photographing her family, including her seriously adorable kiddo Christiano. This session was all about Brenda though, who in less than a year, after months of hard work and dedication, has not only lost 70 pounds, but has also become a certified personal trainer and is working to start her own business and website to help others be fit and healthy. Brenda’s photo shoot was not just a a session to get her some photos for her website – this was a celebration of her hard work and dedication to change her life, and I could not be more proud of her. She is an inspiration and an all around fun person whose energy is contagious. I had so much fun with her as we took photos at the park and marina in Yarmouth. Here are some of my favorites from our session – congratulations Brenda – you rocked it!

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