Bhavika and Kushal {Engaged} | Cape Elizabeth Maine Engagement Photographer

I’ve always been a big fan of love stories. I think it’s fascinating to learn how the world brings people together, and each unique story makes me appreciate the not-so-random randomness of life. For Bhavika and Kushal, their paths have lead them to each other since they were kids. They met when they were 11 years old, at temple, and even though they grew up in different towns in different states, their religious community kept them in touch as they made their way through adolescence. They began dating 12 years ago, and have lived together and apart, but have always been there for each other. In November, they will finally say their vows in front of their family and friends in a large, traditional ceremony in New Hampshire.

For their engagement session, they traveled to Maine, and we met at the iconic Fort Williams Park. When you working with couples that have been together for many years, there is often  a comfort level and a confidence that is really special. Bhavika and Kush are photogenic, stylish, and fun, and had no problem sharing both their sensitive and fun sides during our time together. It is incredibly obvious how ready these two are to spend their lives together, and I am honored to be the one to capture this part of their love story.

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