Baby Walker {26 Hours Young} and the J Family | Portland Maine Newborn and Family Photographer

For as many newborns as I have photographed in my career, I’ve never had a client session with a brand newbie while mom and baby are still at the hospital. So when Sadie contacted me, asking if I could be “on the ready” in late September when they were expecting to welcome baby #3, I was excited for the chance to do my first hospital session. The call came just a little under two weeks ago, and I headed to the hospital early on a Thursday morning to meet little 26-hour old Walker, and photograph him along with his big brother and sister Robinson and Louisa, as well as Sadie and Chandler. I fully expected to walk into a bit of a chaotic situation, but when I arrived at the hospital, Sadie – like a total mom rockstar – opened the door with a smile on her face, fully dressed and pulled together. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised, because in getting to know Chandler, Sadie, and the kids over the past few years, I’ve learned that they are calm, cool, collected, and this was the case even 26 hours after giving birth and welcoming baby #3. I absolutely loved capturing Robinson and Louisa doting on their new baby brother, as well as Walker’s super sweet little face, head full of hair, tiny fingers and toes, and how much love Chandler and Sadie have for their now-completed family. I have to say, I think hospital sessions are going to become a “thing” for me now after this one, so stay tuned for more information! For now though, sit back and scroll through the cuteness – there sure is plenty of it to go around with this little bundle of joy and his beautiful family.


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