Baby Ethan {10 Days} | Maine Newborn Photographer

I am so excited to share today’s blog post of sweet 10-day old Ethan, son to my dear friends Eric and Kerri. I have been looking forward to meeting Ethan since the day we heard that Kerri was expecting, and I made the trip to their home in Massachusetts last Wednesday to take his newborn photos.¬†Ethan is perfectly put together, with a little face that is so kissable, and little hands and toes that just make you warm and fuzzy inside. He was extremely sleepy during our session, and still curls right up in the fetal position, making him just about the most snuggly baby I think I’ve ever held. Eric and Kerri are going to be incredible parents (they already are!) and I am thrilled to welcome Ethan into their lives and ours. I cannot wait to see this little man grow and see who he becomes – I know he has great things coming his way.

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Congratulations Keri and Eric! He’s beautiful! Miss your smiling face Keri!

Love, Linda and George Zambouras


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