{An Evening at the Landing} | Falmouth Maine Photographer

March is always an interesting time of year for me. I’m not really in any way whatsoever a winter person, so when March first hits, I start feeling a bit excited at the prospect of spring just being around the corner. And even after a mild winter like the one we’ve been so fortunate to have this year, my heart is itching for warm summer nights, sand between my toes, and regular photo sessions. And while I try to appreciate and take advantage of a little down time in January and February, by now, I’m ready to hit the ground running, even though my sessions don’t start really picking up for a few more weeks. So last night, even though the wind was extremely crisp, the sky looked so beautiful after work, and my daughter and I went on a “light-chasing adventure,” and found ourselves at the Town Landing in Falmouth. Although I couldn’t feel my fingers by the time we left, my heart was happy after a short time on the coast, knowing those warmer evenings I am spending so much time dreaming about, are just around the corner.

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