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This is mine

You know that bucket list that lives in your brain? The one that swarms around that sometimes makes you stop and smile, and then you move on with your life? I have one of those too. And many many years ago when I actually wrote mine down, becoming a professional photographer was at the top of my list. I knew nothing about photography, and I never had the opportunity to take a class in high school or college.

Years later, my husband arrived home one day with a brand new DSLR in hand. I was SO angry with him - we could not afford a camera, and it seemed over the top to think we should own one. But he insisted, and I decided to learn a thing or two about it. A friend asked me to photograph her wedding - I declined - she insisted - I gave in - and I shot the wedding that would forever change my life.

Over thirteen years, hundreds of sessions, thousands of hours practicing and learning, and hundreds of thousands of images later, I cannot imagine my life as anything other than a professional photographer.

When I am behind the camera my world is at peace. I see beauty in moments, details, the world around me. I see colors and textures, layers, and hidden gems. Bringing what I see to your walls is the greatest honor I could ever imagine as a photographer.

When I'm not with you or working on your images, I'm with my husband and daughter - soaking up the beauty of Maine and New England, probably out to eat at some yummy restaurant, lobster shack, or ice cream stand, taking pictures of my own family, enjoying my daughter's sports games and performances, and dreaming of our next far-away adventure that I will surely enjoy just as soon as I get off that terrifying airplane.

I thank the powers that be every day for giving me the gift of seeing this world through these eyes. Documenting it all for myself and for you is my life's work and joy.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Mizzell

Hands down, my husband and daughter. And not just because I'm SUPPOSED to say that. Nobody makes me laugh or happy cry more than they do. They are my people.

My most favorite people.

Beach, beach, beach.

There is nothing better than the sound of the waves, warm air on my face, and quality time in my happy place.

Years ago, I auditioned for the cast of the

Real World Paris. It's not lost on me that some of you will have no idea what that is, wahh!

And yes, I still have my rejection letter.

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The C Family

Kristina is everything you could want in a family photographer. She is highly professional, incredibly talented, and perhaps most importantly, SUPER FUN to work with! She puts everyone right at ease and is wonderfully skilled at capturing real, candid moments and expressions. My family genuinely enjoys photo shoots with her and I enjoy the gorgeous photos we receive!

Kristina is amazing!! She took both my senior photos and our family portraits and she made everyone feel so comfortable - we were laughing the whole time! The end results were gorgeous and so professional, and I'd recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

We are on our fifth year of utilizing Kristina's services for our family photo shoot. She continues to impress us with her skills and professionalism - this is one family tradition we actually get excited for each year!

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I am forever chasing light.

Light turns the ordinary into magical

-Trent Parke