Abby, Nicole, and Taylor {Class of 2017} | Yarmouth Maine Senior Photographer

For years, I have resisted taking senior portraits. I crave natural, real images, and was worried about the vanity behind senior portraits. But after getting to know Nicole, Abby, and Taylor during my days working at Yarmouth High School, I found it hard to resist when they asked me to take their senior photos. What I learned from photographing these ladies a few weekends ago at the Maine Audubon is that senior photos can be as natural and real as I’d like them to be, and I am grateful that I had these three to teach me that, and let me step out of my comfort zone to have them in front of my cameras.

Taylor, and twin sisters Abby and Nicole,¬†are all members of the Yarmouth High School Class of 2017. I see them every day in the guidance office, either as they pass through, waving hello on their way to class; enjoy lunch or a snack, or come in with questions as they navigate the exciting college application process. They are all incredible field hockey players – some of the very best in the state – and while I see snapshots of their high school lives in my little office, it was so wonderful to see them outside of school, and really appreciate what beautiful young women they are, inside and out. All three were naturals in front of the camera, and as they get ready to head their separate ways next fall, I can’t help but think what amazing things they have to look forward to, and what a difference they will each bring to their communities as they grow and move along with their lives. I am so grateful to have had the chance to photograph their senior photos and cannot wait to see what their next steps will be along their journeys.

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