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Happy New Year, everyone!!  I hope you all enjoyed a fun and healthy holiday season with the ones you love!

Every year during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I take on the incredibly hard but equally rewarding task of choosing my favorite images of the year. This year Santa decided to bring me Covid (gee, thanks Santa!), and while it was luckily a much more mild case than my last infection, I decided to wait a week and take on this project when my house was quiet, my brain was more clear, and overall I just felt better and could put the effort into it that it deserves.

2022 was a big year for my business – but not in the way you would assume when someone says it was a big year for business. After thirteen years of exponential growth, and two solid years of really serious burnout, I made some changes in 2022. My focus for the year was balance – meaning fewer sessions, more time with family, and more time to focus on the sessions I chose to take. And while late fall got a little nutty due to several reschedules out of our control, overall, after over a decade, I finally found some balance, and I think it was felt across the board from both my family and my clients.

Overall I had over 80 sessions this year, which took me everywhere from up in the Acadia and the Deer Isle areas, to just outside of the Boston area. I hit up all of my favorite beaches, found some amazing new locations, caught up with families that I have been photographing for years, and met amazing new ones. I captured belly laughs and sweet giggles, happy tears and sad ones, snuggles and play, new families, extended families, friends together, special places, and thousands and thousands of memories and moments. After a very tumultuous year weather-wise in 2021, I was grateful for a long season with better weather, and some seriously insane sunsets. It was a year of a slow return to normal, while working hard every day to continue to improve my craft, connect with my amazing clients, and become the best photographer I can be – for you and for me.

This year I narrowed down my favorites to 24 images. They capture so many of the moments mentioned above, and are chosen for a variety of reasons. It’s always so hard to narrow down the collection of images from months of capturing my clients, but I’ve found that each year this process becomes a little easier, as those favorites are usually the ones that have stuck in my head since I took or edited the photo.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. Here are my 24 favorite images of 2022 and their stories behind them. To all of you who were in front of my cameras this year – thank you. Thank you for continuing or newly choosing to trust me with your memories. Thank you to those of you who took the leap with me into a more balanced business and life. I wish you all could know how much you truly mean to me and I am forever grateful that you chose me to capture you in 2022. ❤️

Here are my favorite images of 2022!

1. The C Family, Wells Beach Maine, September

I have always said that September has the most dreamy light for beach sessions, and on this evening in early September it was at its most dreamy. Haze from western fires made its way into southern Maine during this week, and on this evening at Wells Beach with Christina, Reed, Eland, and Oliver, the sky had a particularly stunning peach glow. Christina and Reed went with simple white outfits for themselves, and put the boys in matching denim and khaki, and the color balance was just so perfect for the light we were given. Picking just one image from this session was incredibly difficult, but in the end I picked this snuggly and sweet photo – a moment snuck in in between moments full of big silly energy and lots of splashing in the water. {Full blog post}

2. The V Family Newborn Session, Woburn Massachusetts, May

I celebrated 10 years of sessions with the V family – Valerie, Ryan, Jack, and Ben – and also had the extreme pleasure of seeing them three times in 2022!! In April, they welcomed Baby Ben to the family, and in early May I was able to make the trip to their home just outside of Boston to take Ben’s newborn photos. Big brother Jack wasn’t feeling so hot during their maternity session in March, so I wasn’t sure how I would be received coming to their home, but I was greeted with a big hug at the door and lots of excitement about his little brother and our photo session. We really wanted to get a photo of the boys on this handmade blanket, and my intention was to lay them next to each other and hopefully have them both look at the camera. But little Ben could not take his eyes off of Jack, and Jack was all about the camera, and this moment captured of the two of them in their brother shirts was an instant favorite. {Full blog post}

3. The M Family, Pine Point Beach, Scarborough Maine, August

It’s been four months, and I am still drooling over this session. This was my first year with Gina, Greg, and Alexander, and the night we had on Pine Point Beach was just simply amazing. When we first arrived, I was a little cranky that it was on the bright side, with not a cloud in the sky, but as we got to work I decided to embrace the glow, and this session quickly became a favorite of the year. There are so many images that I love from this evening, but I knew this one in particular would make this list the second I hit the shutter button. I love the glow, and the tiny little point of Alexander’s finger. I love that you can see Gina’s Alexander ring, and I love the wisps of glowing hair as they spin around together. This was a night to remember and one of my all time favorite Pine Point moments. {Full blog post}

4. The A Family, Fort Foster Park, Kittery Maine, August

I have a love-hate relationship with sessions at Fort Foster. It is extremely bright….until it is extremely awesome, and this was the case with this year’s session with Kristin, Matt, Chase, and Davis. It is always worth it to fight through the bright at Fort Foster, and on this August evening as the tide rolled in, so did the cotton candy skies. On a whim, I asked these guys if they would be willing to hang out on this rock for a moment, knowing full well the tide was rolling in and we’d have to work quickly, or they would be stuck. They quickly agreed, and I instantly loved this photo. I love the colors, the movement of the water and Kristin’s dress, and I love that you can see both Whaleback Lighthouse and Wood Island in the background. I can’t wait to plaster this one all over my website when I update for 2023! {Full blog post}

5. The H Family, Reid State Park, Georgetown Maine, June

It’s no secret that Reid State Park is my favorite hidden gem on the midcoast of Maine, and I was especially excited when Debbie, Jamie, Eliana, and Isla chose it as their spot for this year’s session. I always start on the rocks at Reid and slowly make my way to the beach as the sun sets lower into the dunes, and on this June evening, the sunset created a stunningly soft glow over the beach. Beach time is always the best part of Reid sessions as the kids have had to be extra cautious on the rocks and can finally let out all that pent-up energy. One of my favorite games is to have the kids run around the parents and have the parents try to grab them, and I just love this capture of Jamie and the girls mid-game. From the girls’ playful poses and joyful expressions to Jamie’s “all-in” dad moment, this image has stuck with me since June and I’m so glad it is part of this year’s collection of favorites. {Full blog post}

6. The Extended T Family & Friends, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, August

I’m pretty sure this was the largest family session I’ve ever had, and it was AWESOME! On this gorgeous Higgins evening we had 24 people – a collection of family and friends visiting from all over. I’m never one to shy away from big groups, and always love to get a big group photo at some point during the session. This group was so fun – full of love, light, and laughter, and so naturally their group photo captures all of this. We have several images of the full group, but I am so glad I decided to just keep clicking away when this little guy decided to break free and take a lap in front of the whole crew. The moment and the expressions are just perfect and so perfectly represent the amazing personalities of this super fun group. {Full blog post}

7. The G Family, Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth Maine, July

There are about a hundred photos I could have picked from this session with Jessica, Tim, Kallie, and Abby at Cape Elizabeth in July. From the paths, to the water, to the overlook, this family and their outfits so perfectly matched this location this year. But it was this moment and this image that I knew would make this list as soon as I sent their gallery to them. I love that Jess and Tim are never shy about playing with the girls and getting in the water, and Kallie was totally pumped to take charge when I asked her and Abby to pull mom and dad out of the water. The colors, the light, the expressions, the movement – it all came together perfectly in this classic beach session moment. {Full blog post}

8. The H and B Families, Pine Point Beach, Scarborough Maine, July

Oh my goodness, what a night this one was. It was one of those nights where storms were a threat, and we really were unsure about going for it with the session. Due to scheduling however we really didn’t have a choice, so we decided to go for it, and we were so totally rewarded for our bravery! I love storm clouds, and on this evening they gave us a gorgeous cotton candy sky, and with just a touch of fog making the beach super soft and dreamy. This was an extended family session, but in between captures, I noticed Gabriela taking a minute along the shore. The light, her positioning, and the tones of the sky and water with her dress made for a really sweet and serene moment that instantly became one of my favorites from this fun session. {Full blog post}

9. The R Family, Yarmouth Maine, October

Oh, this one. This one might be one of my all-time favorite images. This was captured in October, when I traveled just up the road to Rebecca, Mac, and Alex’s house here in Yarmouth. Rebecca mentioned wanting to take a walk down to the river and to a little wall where she and the boys like to go and enjoy time together. It was a muddy walk over (complete with one full-on, totally embarrassing Kristina tumble!), but it was all so worth it when we got to this spot. What I most love about this image, besides the gorgeous late fall tones, purple sky, and stunning reflection, is that it is almost totally un-posed. I asked Rebecca and the boys to stand together and snuggle up a little, and the way Rebecca held the boys’ hands and crossed her legs, along with the way the boys leaned in, looking both at me and away, makes for an image that tells a story and captures the bond and love between these three in their happy place. A total keeper. {Full blog post}

10. The D Family, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, August

This was another favorite session of the year, with so many images that I could have chosen for this list. In early August, our cousins Ryan, Jill, Danica, and Adriana came to visit us for the weekend from Massachusetts. We kicked off our time together with family photos at Higgins Beach, and then spent the weekend exploring Casco Bay. It’s no secret that if you have a beach session with me, you should be prepared with towels and/or a change of clothes, and this photo of Adri mid-air, and Dani mid-kick so perfectly represents the fun we have at my beach sessions. I also love that they are not yet too old to run and play in the ocean in their clothes, and everything about this – from the splashes of water, to the wild hair, excited hands, and of course – the classic beauty of Higgins is exactly what I love the most about taking photos at the beach. {Full blog post}

11. The N Family, Ferry Beach, Scarborough Maine, July

This was another big 10th session – this time with MaryBeth, Steven, Audrey, and Baxter. We’ve been all over the place since we started working together when Steven and I were in grad school, but this was our first sandy beach session. Usually Audrey and Baxter are climbers, but without much climbing to do at the beach, we turned to splashing instead (no complaints here!). For this photo, I asked the kids to run around their parents, and I just love the look on Audrey’s face as she decides to turn on the silly and embrace moment. The colors, the moment, the light – it all came together so beautifully for these guys and this was my most favorite photo from their fun beach session. {Full blog post}

12. The K Family, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, October

Yes, you read that right – this photo was taken in October!! It was a night that felt much like late August, with clouds and light that looked like August as well. We started this session off with a rainbow, and as the session progressed and the storm clouds creeped in, the light just got more and more amazing. Katie, Steve, Kallie, and Kevin wanted a beach session that was playful and un-posed, and lucky for them, that’s kind of my jam. I love this moment of both kids being playfully tossed around by mom and dad, and the crazy clouds and light just make this photo go from fun to incredible. What. A. Night! {Full blog post}

13. The L Family, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, June

This photo brings me so much joy. Like, so much. I was originally supposed to photograph Liz, John, Quinn, Charlie, Wesley, James, and Abby in late April, but a post-Disney covid infection had us needing to reschedule. They live hours away so this means they also had to reschedule and wait for their planned weekend away, and when our new weekend brought chilly temps and grey skies, they didn’t blink an eye or complain for one second, and our session on a chilly Higgins Beach was absolutely perfect. Life is pretty crazy with kids, and when you have five kids, life is extra chaotic. To me, this photo totally speaks to the phrase “embracing the chaos” as John and Liz have three of their five running circles around them – wind in their hair and clothes, laughter on their faces, and all. It was such a beautiful moment in the middle of a beautiful session that fully captured the love and connection that this family has to each other and the coast of Maine. {Full blog post}

14. Katie and Darren, Pineland Farms, New Gloucester Maine, October

In October I met Katie and Darren for the first time, followed by a second session in December where I also met their beautiful baby girl, Caroline. My most favorite photo from their maternity session at Pineland Farms is this one, and I think what I love the most about it is the simplicity of the moment in the midst of all the excitement for what was to come, along with all the beauty of the late fall foliage that surrounded them. There was a lot of laughter during their maternity session, but this simple and sweet moment brought it back to what it was all about – a family of two, about to become three, and the culmination of all the love Katie and Darren have brought to each other’s lives over many years. So many gifts captured in just one photo. {Full blog post}

15. The FY Family, Boothbay Maine, August

Sometimes it’s the moments in between that speak to me the most, and this was the case for several of the photos I took towards the end of my session with Esther, Adam, Amos, Imogen, and Nana Elsie. As we made our way to the rocks along their gorgeous Boothbay property, Imogen and Amos took their pup out to the point ahead of mom and dad. I love the soft colors, the way Imogen and Amos are separately looking at the water below, and how the pup is looking at Amos, wondering if there are treats in his pocket. It’s an image I continuously look back at and one that always makes me smile and feel at peace, and I knew it had to be a part of this year’s collection of images. {Full blog post}

16. The O Family, Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm, Wells Maine, August

For the past several years, I have taken photos of the O Family, and have absolutely loved capturing Erin and Anthony together with their kiddos as they grew from a family of four to a family of six. And while I always love to take their photos, the kiddos have always been a little skeptical of the process haha…until this year. This year all four were on board, and even though we have some really beautiful posed images of the kids and the family, it was still this pigpile photo that I love the most. Erin and Anthony have to be two of the kindest people I have ever met, and to capture them with their kiddos in their favorite place in a sweet but chaotic way, so perfectly captures this beautiful and wonderful crew. {Full blog post}

17. The L Family, Wells Beach, Wells Maine, August

If ever there were a family with energy, it is this one. ❤️ I absolutely love capturing Jackie, Kevin, Thomas, Matthew, and Benjamin during their time in Maine, and always arrive ready to run when I see them. These boys have big silly energy, and I absolutely love capturing them in their happy place with mom and dad. I had so many favorites from this year’s session with this family, but none moreso than this perfect moment captured of the playful chaos in action. I love all of the body language, the smiles, the laughter, and of course the always-amazing beauty of this end of Wells Beach. I love to capture families in their element, and this so perfectly captures the joy and playfulness of this super fun crew. {Full blog post}

18. The F Family, Lobster Cove Meadow Preserve, Boothbay Maine, September

I always love my adventures with Alisa, Dick, and James, and this year’s session at Lobster Cove Meadow Preserve in Boothbay was no exception. And while I have many favorite images of the family together, I still can’t get over the fabulous skirt that Alisa chose to wear for their session. There is something really amazing about choosing to go big with the outfit, and every time I get a mom who decides to go for it, I get super excited, but also take a few minutes to capture her and give her the moment she deserves. Alisa got this incredible skirt from Rent the Runway, and along with her top and hair up, she reminded me of a gorgeous flamenco dancer in the woods of Maine. I knew we had to get a photo of the skirt, and this beautiful grab and twirl captured the essence of the moment and Alisa wearing this stunning outfit so well. {Full blog post}

19. Eden, Old Port, Portland Maine, September

I don’t photograph many seniors – just a handful each year, and was so excited to get to take Eden’s senior photos in the Old Port in September. Eden is effortlessly cool – and the Old Port was the perfect place for her senior photos. I loved the look of this black door and the granite surrounding it, and thought it made a perfect backdrop for Eden and her outfit. As I took the photo, I got serious Taylor Swift “Cornelia Street” vibes, but when I shared it online, everyone thought Eden looked like a young Meg Ryan, and I had to agree. Of all of our cool Old Port photos, this was my favorite, and I’m so glad we took a few minutes at this simple stoop to grab this one. {Full blog post}

20. The B Family, Cumberland Maine, October

In late October, I headed to Cumberland to photograph Bobby, Kate, Greta, Stella, and Dylan at their home. For the second half of our session, we walked down the street to a little patch of grass that made for a really pretty backdrop for their photos. As we were getting ready to head back to the house, I asked if they would mind if I took some photos in the street, and I’m so glad they agreed. It’s not often that I get to do neighborhood photos, and the leading lines of the street, sidewalk, and trees were totally calling to me. I have some playful street images, but it’s this portrait that I love the most – perfectly shaped along the leading lines, and still snuggly and playful – portrait perfection in my opinion. {Full blog post}

21. The M Family, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, September

It took about 30 seconds for Brogan to be soaking wet during my session with him, his mom and dad Spring and Silas, sister Lydia, and pup Moxie at Higgins Beach in September. After rescheduling once due to rain, we were rewarded with an absolutely stunning September evening at Higgins. The tide was up that evening, and I absolutely love high-tide Higgins sessions because it means lots of texture, waves, color, and of course, splashing! This photo of Brogan and Lydia so perfectly captures their sweet and playful personalities and connection together, and was taken just moments before Brogan took the full plunge! {Full blog post}

22. The H Family, Savage Preserve, South Berwick Maine, November

I absolutely adore this photo of sweet Isabelle. Isabelle is family – a cousin on my husband’s side and every year I have the pleasure of catching up with and photographing her along with brother Liam, and mom and dad Meg and Brian. I don’t often pick a solo portrait for my favorites, but this year in particular I noticed so much growth and change in Izzy, and this portrait just continues to call to me. As any parent knows, there are certain times – maybe days, weeks, or months where you notice your kiddo is growing up, and big-kid Isabelle just looks so pretty in the glowing setting fall sun at Savage Preserve. I love this portrait of this super-sweet young lady. {Full blog post}

23. The B Family, Wells Beach, Wells Maine, July

If there were ever a photo that screams “Hello world, I’m in my happy place!!!” this might be it. Every year I have the honor of photographing Jill, Dwight, Shawn, and Quinn, and every year their gallery is loaded with photos that I just love. Shawn and Quinn are always super silly and fun for photos, and Wells is 100% their happy place. In this moment, I had the kids sit with Dwight for some dad photos, and without prompting, Quinn threw her face and hands to the sky – soaking up this beautiful evening. This photo makes me smile every single time I look at it, and it’s a perfect addition to this year’s favorites. {Full blog post}

24. The S Family, Sebasco Harbor, Phippsburg Maine, September

Last but not least, is an image I have loved since the moment I took it. One of my goals in 2022 was to capture the parents more, and while I had plenty of portrait-like images of Kate and Jeremy, it was this photo of them watching their kiddos from afar that made me stop and smile. The joy in their faces and their connection together so perfectly represent the beauty of parenthood and togetherness. Capturing people, place, moments, and connection are my goals for every session, and this image of the two of them looking back at their home-away-from home and the children that fill it is the perfect way to wrap up this year’s collection of favorite images. {Full blog post}

Thank you again to everyone for such an incredible year – from those in front of my cameras, to those behind the scenes – liking and sharing posts and my website, and supporting my fine art shop. I am so grateful for all of you and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. Cheers, and Happy New Year!


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