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Wow. Here we are again, just a few days before we say goodbye to another year and ring in a new one. I know last year at this time we all had such high hopes for 2021, and while it may not have been the year we all dreamed it would be, looking back on the beautiful moments that I was able to capture amongst all of the craziness, reminded me of all the beauty that 2021 brought as well. If you follow me on social media or here on my blog during the year, you’ll know that 2021 was a challenging one. This summer’s weather was the worst in my twelve years of professional photography, and my clients and I all found ourselves scrambling regularly to bump up sessions, move dates, and try to work around the less than ideal weather conditions. And yet, as I worked to pull together my most favorite images of the year, I saw that even on the ickiest of days, the smiles never faded, and on the days where we were trying to beat storms or bumped up the time, we were greeted with unexpected beauty from above.

With the challenges also came growth, and looking at this year’s images, I know that this crazy year made me better. This year pushed me to think outside the box, use light differently, and use new tricks and tips to make an otherwise drab day fabulous. Coupled with the overwhelmingly positive attitudes, flexibility, and willingness to just roll with it from my clients, this year’s sessions came together in ways I never could have anticipated, and this collection of favorites is one that I am incredibly proud  to share.

Out of over 100 sessions this year, I have selected my 25 most favorite images. As always, whittling this list down to a reasonable number is so challenging, but I try not to overthink it, and go with my gut and pick the ones that speak to me the most. I hope you’ll read along as I share a little story about each image, and I hope that you are able to take some time to reflect on your year and find some beauty in the middle of all the chaos.

To all of my 2021 clients – thank you. Thank you for your kindness, your friendship, your beauty inside and out. Thank you for your flexibility, and your positive attitudes. And most of all, thank you so very very much for trusting me with these precious moments of your life.

Here are my 25 favorite images of 2021.

1. The S Family, Brunswick Maine, September 

If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know I’m totally on board with letting the kids go a little wild. Because life with littles IS a little wild, and while I always capture those sweet, loving moments and details, the insanity of this moment in time is also so worth documenting. This image of Katie, Patrick, Charlie, and Parker was an instant favorite from their candid at-home session in September. I love the moment, the expressions on their faces, Charlotte enjoying the thrill of being flipped upside down, little Parker recovering from some sort of tumble, and Katie and Patrick just soaking it all up, forgetting about the camera, and totally being in the moment with their kids. {Full blog post}

2. Caitlin and Emory, York Harbor Maine, October

This was my forth year capturing the incredible mother-daughter bond between Caitlin and Emory. This year, our session at Wiggly Bridge in York was full of extra giggles, snuggles, and fun. As we were headed to the wiggly bridge, I decided to hop down off the path and ask Emory to run to her mom so I could capture the moment from the side. You can feel the anticipation between the two of them, and I love the connection between these two before Emory even makes it into mom’s arms. And in case you are wondering – the huge hug was totally worth the anticipation, too. {Full blog post}

3. The G Family, Yarmouth Maine, July

Oh, what a night this was with Jessica, Tim, Callie, and Abby. I could have picked 20 favorites from this session, but in the end this one wins. We were not supposed to go to the beach on this evening, as we had planned to do our session at Fels Grove field just up the road from Sandy Point Beach in Yarmouth. But with storms incoming, the light changed fast, the field grew dark, and so we headed to the water to see how the light was looking. My jaw hit the ground as we crossed the bridge and the most perfect golden/purple fog fell over the water and the sand. This sweet moment between the girls let me capture the beauty of the evening and their special connection in between twirls and hermit crab hunting. {Full blog post}

4. The T Family, Wells Beach Maine, August

This was one of those nights where the texts were on rapid fire as the forecast changed, changed again, and changed again. But lucky for me, Rachel, Matt, Anna, Lydia, and Eliza are just about the kindest and most flexible people on the planet, so after waiting and wondering, we decided to go for it on a potentially stormy evening, and oh my goodness am I glad we did. The light was SO dreamy on Wells Beach on this August evening, and this was another session where I have more favorites than I can count. The connection and love for this place, this moment, and each other in this photo made it my most favorite of the evening. {Full blog post}

5. The F Family, Georgetown Maine, September

One of my goals this year was to photograph the parents together more than I usually do. It’s so easy for parents to be forgotten as we chase the kids around, but even in the middle of the chaos of life with littles, connection between the parents is so important, and so I took a little more time than usual with my couples who would let me this year. Shannon and AJ have such a beautiful connection, and were such troopers to let me have them play some silly games together while the kids jumped in the waves. I love their expressions in this moment and the cameo of the kids in the background while mom and dad have their moment in front of the camera. {Full blog post}

6. Baby Oliver, Harpswell Maine, June

Oh, little Oliver, you still make me squeal when I look at your newborn photos! It was SO HOT on the day of Oliver’s first photo session, and so he spent a good chunk of our time together vegging out in his diaper.  I love the teeny tiny-ness of this moment (yes, I know I just invented new words). From his little toes, to his little hands, folds on his arms, and cute little belly button, this picture makes me all ooey-gooey inside. And coupled up with mom’s sweet “I love you more” tattoo, this quickly became my favorite newborn photo of the year. {Full blog post}

7. The R Family, Scarborough Maine, November

Last month I met up with Rebecca, McIntyre, and Alexander for a special session at Scarborough Beach. There was a lot of meaning behind this session, and I was very tempted to pick a photo of Rebecca and her boys for the symbolism of the moment, but at the end of the day, I just could not cut this awesome photo of Mac doing one of his flips off the seawall. Rebecca told me he would want to show off his flips, but I had no idea quite how daring this brave kiddo had become, and this photo was so perfectly timed as he made his way around himself before landing safely below. {Full blog post}

8. The B Family, Ogunquit Beach Maine, June

Oh this photo. All the momma feels on this one. I knew the second I converted this to black and white that it was going to make this list, because it literally stopped me in my tracks. I absolutely love seeing the B Family during their trips to Maine from Louisiana, and this year I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them twice. Our first session was in June, where we met up for an extended family session at Ogunquit Beach. When it was time for Ed’s photos with his boys, he was tackled by all three, and totally embraced the moment and them, making for a heart-stopping moment that I hope they treasure forever. {Full blog post}

9. The B Family, Wells Beach Maine, July

I can think of only one other time that I’ve ever shot in fog as thick as it was on this July evening at Wells Beach with Jill, Dwight, Shawn, and Quinn. After years of sunny beach sessions, this one was a change for this family, and while I usually find myself struggling to photograph in the fog, this time I decided to put on my big girl pants and embrace it, and we ended up with a collection of some of my most favorite images ever. My top pick though is this one of Quinn from behind, walking into the fog, with her reflection below, and her little hands carefully keeping her skirt off her wet legs. It is my most favorite peaceful image from this crazy year, and one I look to when I just need a moment to breathe and feel calm. {Full blog post}

10. The F and G Families, Peaks Island Maine, July

I don’t know if I can give myself credit for this one as much as I can give these guys credit because in reality, this photo is allllll about how awesome and creative this crew is. I first met them last summer during their week on Peaks Island, and was so excited to return this year for another lifestyle session with this group of friends. I knew I liked these guys, but when they pulled out their vacation shirts – featuring a photo of them in last year’s vacation shirts – well, they earned top level cool in my book. We re-created last year’s photo with this year’s shirt, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally pumped to capture their 2021 shirt with this year and last year’s shirts in the photo. I wonder how many years we can keep this going?! {Full blog post}

11. The B Family, Scarborough Maine, September

If there were ever a family that deserved a heck of a gorgeous night this year, it was these guys. After an unexpected schedule change last year that resulted in them having a rainy foggy woods session instead of the beach session Lauren had been dreaming about, we were so hopeful for this year. Our first date arrived, and so did the downpours, and the same happened on our backup date. But the third time was definitely a charm for this crew, who had the most dreamy night at Higgins. It took about 0.00002 seconds for Sebastian to be fully soaked as we enjoyed the beach at high tide, and this moment of him literally living in the moment while Lauren, Kevin, and Lillian look on is what a KOBP beach session is all about. {Full blog post}

12. The D Family, Old Orchard Beach Maine, July

In my opinion, one of the best things you can do as a photographer is to just keep shooting, even when things start to go a little awry. I was having so much fun capturing these super cute cousins – Lily, Julia, Evie, and Leo – on the shores of Old Orchard Beach, during their visit with their families in July. I asked them to walk to me while holding on to each other, and as children do, the walk turned into a run, and the run turned into a pig pile. I can hear the surprise, the laughter, and the excitement in this photo, and this moment has been a favorite of mine all year long. {Full blog post}

13. The S Family, Scarborough Maine, August

Looking back on my year, I had a LOT of twirling photos. I could go into some deep dive psychoanalysis about how I captured lots of spinning while it felt like the world was spinning in 2021, but I’ll save that for another day. I met the extended S Family on a glowing hazy evening at Higgins Beach in August, and sisters Emma and Ellie had the most perfect twirl dresses. I couldn’t resist asking mom and dad to give them a spin after a little playtime in the water, and I love the motion in Emma’s dress, and the expression on little Ellie’s face as she watches her big sister spin around. {Full blog post}

14. The C Family, Yarmouth Maine, August

There were a lot of wacky weather evenings this summer, but my evening with Martha, Ryan, and Nora may take the cake for the craziest. We all live in Yarmouth, and left our houses in sun, only to arrive at Littlejohn Island here in town, totally covered in fog. Shortly after our hike to our spot, the fog slowly cleared, making for a crazy mix of light and color all around us. This photo of Nora at the end of the session is my most favorite, as the golden glow of the hazy sun hit her skin and pretty dress, while the fog held on in the background, making for some gorgeous and dramatic light on her as she waded in the shallow waters amongst the seaweed. {Full blog post}

15. The R Family, Scarborough Maine, July

What a magical night I had with the extended “R” Family at Higgins Beach in July. These guys came together for the Yarmouth Clam Festival weekend, and while we may not have been able to enjoy Clam Fest once again in 2022, the sadness of missing the event was quickly overshadowed by having this incredible crew in front of my cameras. Higgins was my go-to this year, and this night had skies that were such a perfect backdrop for this amazing extended family coming together from both Maine and Kansas. {Full blog post}

16. The T Family, Squirrel Island Maine, July

Out of all of the crazy weather this year, this one was the story of all stories. After driving halfway to Boothbay one evening, only to turn around due to torrential storms (and have it be bright and sunny at shoot time), I returned to Boothbay not long after for take two on a night that was supposed to be perfect. But the storm clouds rolled in as I was on the ferry to Squirrel Island, and we hustled through the photo session before the rain arrived. This crew was so hospitable, and welcomed me into their home as we waited for the storms to pass, and as we headed out afterwards to walk to the ferry, we noticed a gorgeous rainbow overlooking the same spot where we took their photos. It was a magical end to a magical evening on seriously the most magical island in Maine. {Full blog post}

17. The P Family, Kennebunkport Maine, August

I’ve been photographing the P Family at Goose Rocks Beach for several years now (since Sarah and Steve were expecting their oldest, Daniel!). We’ve run the gamut on weather with these guys, having everything from sun to rain over the years, but the light was unbelievably dreamy this year, and I was soaking it up with everything I had. My sessions with this family are always full of big energy and giggles, but it’s this quiet moment and sweet connection between Sarah and Steve, along with the ripples of water surrounding them all, that really make this one a favorite of mine this year. {Full blog post}

18. The W Family, Yarmouth Maine, June

When I met up with the W Family in July, I had a little time at the beginning of the session with just the kids. We took some photos in the gardens of their gorgeous home, and then made our way to the dock below. The second I looked back up the hill from the dock, I knew I had to create this image. Looking up at the house and the gardens, this property felt like a magical fairy land, and I knew I wanted to capture the whimsy of the place with the kids running up the stairs to mom and dad. This photo was taken just days before this crew moved across the country, and I hope it brings the beauty of this special place to their new home in Colorado. {Full blog post}

19. The CN Family, Phippsburg Maine, September

Oh, this evening. There still are not words to accurately describe the beauty of this night. After a crazy windy year last year at Popham Beach with this crew, we returned once again (for our TENTH session together!) on a night with insane surf and equally insane skies. Popham is always one of the brighter beaches, and it started that way on this evening, but as we worked our way across the beach and over to the island, the bright skies transformed into the most amazing cotton candy sunset I had all season. It was the perfect way to celebrate ten years with these beautiful humans, and was a night I will not soon forget. {Full blog post}

20. The F Family, Boothbay Maine, August

Every year Alisa, Dick, and James introduce me to a new amazing place in the Boothbay area, and this year, we really adventured, taking their boat to Stratton Island, where we explored the island and took pictures at all their favorite places. I have many favorites from our time on Stratton, but the light as we made the trip home on the boat was out of this world. As we slowed down to look at an eagle’s nest, I snapped this shot of the three of them. I love this image of them together on their boat, observing something interesting in nature, and soaking up the beauty of their happy place here in Maine. {Full blog post}

21. The DG Family, Kennebunk Maine, September

Ahh, this evening was so incredible. Parsons Beach is a favorite of Alisha’s, who spent her summers here with her family, and now loves to return with her family as well. Her husband had to be out of town for work on the evening of our session, and rather than reschedule, she decided to do a session with just her kids at her favorite place. It was such a gorgeous and special evening, full of love, snuggles, giggles, and beach fun. The light was insane, the beach was empty, and these four just soaked up the waves and each other for this very special mother-kiddo session. {Full blog post}

22. The G Family, Yarmouth Maine, October

The second this photo pulled up on my computer screen, I laughed out loud, and hoped mom and dad would too. Much to my pleasure, I received a text from Rebecca the day I delivered her gallery, in stitches over little Cora having a bit of a grumpy two-year-old moment during her baby sister’s newborn session. Cora is about as sweet as they come, and was so good with the camera and her baby sister during our session, but this moment of “hey, I’m kind of done with this now” was too good not to capture. {Full blog post}

23. The I Family, Ogunquit Maine, July

You have to know this one is all about that dress!! This session with Betsy, Judah, Graham, and Eve at Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit was so full of light and love, but it was Betsy’s dress that stole the show. She was uncertain at first if it was too much, but as the session went on, she fully embraced the dress, and the light, the moment, and that amazing expression of confidence and pride on her face, make this photo one of my most favorite moments of 2021. Moms – buy.the.dress. You deserve it and I promise you won’t regret it! {Full blog post}

24. The B Family, Scarborough Maine, July

After a one-in-a-million sunset at Higgins Beach last July with the B Family, I think we were all pretty bummed when this year’s date was cloudy, misty, and even a little rainy. Rescheduling wasn’t an option for this crew, so we decided to embrace it, and I have to say, having five happy kiddos on a rainy beach in Maine, can only mean one thing – absolutely incredible parenting, and so I have to give extra high fives to Kristen and Mike for making this one a success. The rain didn’t get this crew down, this moment of sweet little soaking wet Poppy pulling her siblings towards the camera with a smile on her face and all the determination in the world, still makes my heart so happy every time I look at it. {Full blog post}

25. The Y Family, Scarborough Maine, July

And finally, last but certainly not least, is the Y Family – Kelly, John, and Trenton – whose hazy Higgins session still makes my heart go pitter patter. Their colors were so perfect for the skies we got that day (we’ll pretend we planned it all!!), and I was so excited to capture their very first trip to Maine. I think Trenton may be a Mainer at heart, and the ocean may just be his most favorite place. I love that Kelly and John joined in the water play, and the leading lines and moment between these three in this photo still makes me smile every time I look at it. {Full blog post}


Many many thanks to everyone who participated in my 2021 – through sessions, likes, comments, sharing, kind messages, and more – your support and love mean so much to me, as does the ability to capture your lives year after year. I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings to my camera. I wish you all a very Happy New Year. ❤️


What gorgeous photographs and families! Looking through this collection is a real treat- each picture tells a story. You’re such a talent! Best wishes to you and all your clients- we look forward to a future session!

Looks like another GREAT year for you!!I felt a lot of joy ,looking at these! My personal favorite….the little gal not so pleased… but thats life.Thanks for sharing !


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