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Oh my goodness, you guys, it’s the second to last day of 2019. WHAT?! I know we all say it every year, but holy cow, I’m just not sure how this is possible. 2019 was a whirlwind of a year, personally and professionally, and over the next few days I’ll be part of the masses of people doing year end reviews and all that fun stuff. This year brought some huge milestones for my business, including my 10 year mark (again, WHAT?!), and over 100 sessions as I completed my first full year as a full-time photographer. I also am about to complete my second 365 Day Project –  favorites and the full lot of which I will be sharing in the coming days as well.

This year brought me families from all over the country and the world, and families of every size, shape, and dynamic. I am constantly overcome with gratitude for this career, and the ability to do a job that speaks to me so darn much. I am acutely aware that it would not be possible without the love and support of my family, friends, and clients. Once again, thank you to all of you for another incredible year, but especially this one that really was one for the books.

Each year I pull together a compilation of favorites from each session, but this year I did a little scientific research, meaning, I asked Instagram and Facebook 😂, if they would rather see favorites from all, or a Top 10ish, and the Top 10ish won overwhelmingly. I tried my darndest to get it down to 10, but in the end I’ve selected my top 16, with a handful of “honorable mentions” that I also feel particularly proud of.  I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing my favorites, and I so hope to see many of you in 2020.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for the best year yet.


In no particular order (it was tough enough just to whittle it down to these!), here are my top 16 and “honorable mentions” of 2019.


1. The “M” Family, York Harbor Beach, York Maine, June.

One of my favorite things to do with large group sessions is to have the adults line up like we’re going to take a nice group photo, and then whisper to the kids to run and give huge hugs to someone in the group. The reactions of this crew were some of my favorites as they went from total shock and excitement, to laughter and joy – the latter of which was present throughout my entire session with this super sweet family from both the east and west coasts.

2. The “C” Family, Drakes Island Beach, Wells Maine, June

I have about a bazillion favorites from my session with the extended “C” Family in June, and not only because they are dear friends, but we had one heck of a night on the beach on that June evening. But the second I took this shot of Bob with his twin boys Brian and Michael, I knew it was an instant favorite. This photo just screams proud dad of busy twin boys, and knowing Bob, I know how much he soaks up moments like these with his two favorite guys.

3. Caitlin and Emory, Fort Foster Park, Kittery Maine, July

This was my second year photographing Caitlin and her daughter Emory, and once again their session was one of my favorites of the year. Caitlin is so wonderful about letting Emory play and splash, while squeezing in some snuggles in between. This year, our session was especially gorgeous and playful, and the glow of the setting sun over Fort Foster had me drooling the entire time we explored beach.

4. The “B” Family, Drakes Island Beach, Wells Maine, July

For me, my favorite beach sessions are the ones where nobody goes home dry, and I have to give a huge high five to Jill and Dwight for always being so willing to go all-in when it comes to our beach sessions with their two littles, Shawn and Quinn. Drakes Island never disappoints, and this year we had a gorgeous evening with soft light and happy kiddos, and this moment of the four of them playing in the waves is what my beach sessions with littles is all about.

5. The “S” Family, The Claremont Hotel, Southwest Harbor Maine, July

Every year I have the opportunity to travel to MDI a few times for sessions, and this year I had the opportunity to photograph at a new place – the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor. The dock of the Claremont greeted myself and the “S” Family with a stunning cotton candy sky, and a layer of fog that eventually enveloped the area completely. I just love this moment of Henry and Lillian checking out the dock with soft skies that perfectly matched their sweet outfits.

6. The “H” Family, Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine, August

I kind of re-discovered Higgins this year, and it quickly became my new go-to for beach sessions in Scarborough. On this particular night we had the most stunning sunset which perfectly complimented the extended “H” Family who visit Higgins each summer. Our session was full of running and splashing, but this final group shot of the evening became an instant favorite. Now if the weather gods could please give me sunsets like this every night, I would very much appreciate it. ❤️

7. Baby Walker and the “J” Family, Mercy Hospital, Portland Maine, September

This is a winner for two reasons. First of all, LOOK AT THAT SQUISHY FACE! I mean, come on! I could drool over this photo for days. Second, aside from Walker being just the cutest thing ever, this session was a special one for me because it was my first ever hospital newborn session (and I LOVED it). Stay tuned for more information as these super special sessions will be offered regularly, starting in 2020!

8. The “H” Family, Moody Beach, Wells Maine, August

Picking just one favorite from this session was probably one of the most challenging pieces of this whole project. For the second time, I had the pleasure of photographing the extended “H” Family at Moody Beach, and for the second time, we had the most stunning evening, with soft skies and perfect weather. Often times during sessions, I’ll have the kids run down the beach to get some extra energy out, but this time the moment became one of my favorite environmental shots of the session, with pretty reflections and big sister and cousin Gabby leading Beckett and Evelyn back to the photo session.

9. Jack, Class of 2020, Sebago Lake, Windham Maine, August

This was the year of the boys when it came to senior sessions, and I kicked off senior season in the coolest way ever with Jack and his family on their boat on Sebago Lake. As I stood on the dock to take a few of Jack on the boat, his pup decided to join the fun and this photo of a boy and his dog may just be one of my most favorite of all time.

10. The P Family, The Claremont Hotel, Southwest Harbor Maine, August

After my stunning foggy session on the docks of the Claremont with the “S” Family, Lauren and Ryan asked if we could return for their session a few weeks later. I couldn’t believe my eyes when once again we had a perfectly soft, foggy evening, and my time with the “P” Family is always one the highlights of my summer. Of all of the favorites from this session though, I absolutely adored this quick candid moment between Lauren and Ava and am so glad I was able to quickly capture it as we walked off the docks for more photos on the beach.

11. The M Family, Colony Beach, Kennebunkport Maine, August

With family sessions, especially extended family sessions, I don’t often get extra time to “play” with light as the sun goes down. But the jetty at the Colony Beach along with the setting sun, and a group of six adult children just screamed an awesome silhouette, and I was so excited when they all agreed to take a minute and let me create this shot. It came out even better than I hoped for, with perfect expressions and color, and even a little wind in the hair. Many thanks to these guys for giving me a little room to step out of the box for this fun photo!

12. Pete and Erica, Hampden Recreation, Hampden Maine, September

So full disclosure here, this is my brother, my sister-in-law, and my little niece Aurora in that super-cute belly, but when I edited this photo after taking some time to do a maternity session while they were here in Maine this September, it literally stopped me in my tracks. There is just something about the movement, the content on Erica’s face, and their connection that really speaks to me in this image. Even though they are family, this is another that may be an all-time favorite, made extra special because it is of three people who mean the world to me.

13. Henry and the “D” Family, Red’s Dairy Freeze, South Portland Maine, September

If you follow me regularly, you had to know this one would make the list. I mean, look at this little man!! Henry has got to be one of my cutest clients, and after this year’s session at Crescent Beach, we took a few extra minutes to stop at Red’s for a tasty treat. Much to my excitement, there was room on a bench right in front of a perfect white wall, allowing Henry’s sweet baby blues and cute little outfit to pop as he chowed down on some yummy vanilla soft serve. Thanks for this one Henry, I owe you one, buddy!

14. The “D” Family, Fortunes Rocks Beach, Biddeford Maine, September

I always preach about September light when promoting September sessions, and this, my friends, is why. The glow of the setting sun as I wrapped up my session with Julie, Todd, and little Reece was absolutely incredible, and as we tried to settle a chilly Reese down for just a few more minutes, this moment happened and my photographer brain went on high screech. This was my most favorite moment from this session with this family of three-about-to-become four, and I’m so happy sweet Reece allowed us a few extra minutes with this incredible light.

15. The “TD” Family, Southern Maine, September

In September, I spent two hours with the “TD” Family for a lifestyle session that included time at their home and a hike to and from the beach. We arrived at the beach a little earlier than I prefer to shoot, but the sea spray diffused the light so beautifully, and this moment of mom hopping over the tide pools to catch up with her family was an instant favorite from our time together.

16. Baby Abe and the “H” Family, Saco Maine, November

One of my last sessions of the year was an at-home session with Jenny, Ryan, and three-month old Abe. As we were changing Abe into his second outfit of the day, I asked Jenny to step away for a second (within an arms reach for safety, of course), as I caught the wonder on Abe’s face as he enjoyed looking at his sweet whale mobile from above his changing table (and narwhal changing pad cover – love!!). I instantly loved this sweet moment of little Abe and his nautical friends.

~Honorable Mentions~

Is it strange to give yourself honorable mentions? Well, regardless, narrowing the field down to just 16 was challenging enough, and these eleven were just too fun not to share. ❤️

Honorable Mention #1 – Elisie, Portland Maine

Sweet Elsie was just 13 days old at her newborn session, and her sweet yawn stole my heart!

Honorable Mention #2 – Brian and Michael, Wells Maine

I know Brian and Michael already made the top 16, but come on!! How could this photo not be one of the best of the year?! Thanks to these goofballs for showing off a little as mom got them ready for the ride back to the hotel after our silly beach session.

Honorable Mention #3 – The “H” Family, Bar Harbor Maine

This session was all about the extended “H” Family, but let’s be honest, the pup totally stole the show! We all know our dogs are our babies, but I especially love the ones who want to be held like one, too. 😍

Honorable Mention #4 – Amanda and Billy, Freeport Maine

I had the honor of taking both maternity and newborn photos for Amanda, Billy, and little Patrick, but this sun-kissed moment of Amanda literally showed off the pregnancy glow of this gorgeous momma-to-be.

Honorable Mention #5 – The “F” Family, Boothbay Maine

I had such a cool session with Alisa, Dick, and James in Boothbay, where we canoed to Fort Island for their family photos. But my favorite of the day was the last photo I took, as James and his little stuffed fox headed up the boat ramp to get inside before the rain drops started to fall.

Honorable Mention #6 – Traci and Andrew, Boothbay Maine

Traci and Andrew’s maternity session in Boothbay was all-around amazing, with gorgeous light and a couple that is totally connected and in love. But this solo moment of Traci looking out a the boats with the breeze in her hair was one of my favorite expecting momma pictures of the year.

Honorable Mention #7 – Margaret, Yarmouth Maine

I had a few headshot sessions this year, and Margaret wanted to have photos taken for her children – something I think we ALL need to be doing. I absolutely love this portrait of her along the shores of Sandy Point Beach on Cousins Island – a moment that to me speaks contentment, confidence, happiness, and the power and beauty of womanhood.

Honorable Mention #8 – The B Family, York Maine

If I disappear anytime in the near future, check here first, because there’s a strong possibility I’ve convinced the “B” Family to let me come live with them in their STUNNING home in Cape Neddick. I had so much fun with this crew taking “regular” family photos, but absolutely loved wrapping up the session with them all cozied up around the fireplace with their wine and big laughs.

Honorable Mention #9 – The “G” Family, Brunswick Maine

Most of my time with Callie and Abby was spent at the very end of Mere Point in Brunswick, but when we got out of the car at the marina for some ice cream, this sky stopped me in my tracks, so we headed to the docks for a few more photos of the girls, and I’m so glad we took advantage of this stunning sunset.

Honorable Mention #10 – The M Family, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

This year my fall minis were full of fun candid moments, but this one of Stacie, Jason, and Isabelle having their own little dance party on Crescent Beach, totally takes the cake of favorite mini session moments, and one of my favorites of the year overall.

Honorable Mention #11 – The W Family, Cape Elizabeth Maine

And finally, you don’t think I’d wrap up my favorites of the year without a photo of a smiling dog, do you?!! I mean, really, I hit the jackpot with the pups this year, and when you get a dog named Newbie from one of my all time favorite shows, Scrubs, who smiles, while sitting next to a standing 8-month old baby, and two awesome parents – well, now that’s just too good to pass up.

Thank you all again – what a year this was! Check back tomorrow for my top personal photos of the year, and in just a few days my full 365 Day Project of 2019 will be posted as well. I hope you enjoyed my collection of 2019 client favorites!

  • Debra Marie Madea said:

    Kristina, every single shot you have showed here, and the ones you post after each session, are amazing. You do beautiful work and I am in awe of all of them. And I am not just saying that because I am your mom. I get a lot of people who tell me how awesome you are behind the camera. So proud!