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Happy New Year! I can’t even believe it is 2016 already, and I’m not quite sure where last year went! Every year I work hard to pull together a compilation of my favorite images from the year, and about half of the time I have it posted before year end. 🙂 But this year I turned off my brain for a bit during the holidays for a much needed recharge so I could start my year with a clear(er) head, and a really awesome post of my favorite images from 2015.

Last year was a big year for me, as I transitioned out of weddings and soley into portraits and lifestyle work. I celebrated four amazing weddings with four incredible couples (plus a bonus wedding with my mom and new step-dad!), ending the wedding side of my business on the high note I hoped it would be. I photographed over 50 families and couples, and a handful of small businesses. I got to see families I have been photographing for years, and met new families from literally all over the world. I tickled cute bellies and cheeks, played in the sand, got soaked by waves, heard stories about princesses and dragons, climbed on rocks along the gorgeous Maine coastline, snuggled brand new babies, saw some pretty fantastic heads of curly hair, laughed, cried, and stepped out of my comfort zone, all with a camera in my hands, and some truly amazing people and scenery in front of my lens. On the personal side, for the first time ever, I spent time photographing my own life which will be highlighted in a separate blog post in the next few days.

Every year I end the year feeling so very blessed. In this crazy life in this crazy world, I get to meet all of you, capture your lives, and create memories for you, your kids, their kids, and the generations that follow. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for gifting me with another incredible year of being able to follow my passions and dreams. I am so very grateful to all of you. <3

So here they are – the favorites of 2015. It’s a long one – but a good one. Enjoy, and I cannot wait to see what images are to be created in 2016.

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These are so cute! Great images!

Beautiful work! Love so many and especially all the family Portraits!

Gorgeous images. I loved seeing your lovely work from 2015 🙂

Just simply blown away by all your beautiful images!!

Found your site via the Rising Tide society. Such lovely work! 🙂


Love what you see?



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