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{Baby Edison, 10 Days} | Cumberland Maine Newborn Photographer

Last week I got my dose of newborn baby snuggles with 10-day-old Edison. I’ve been anxiously awaiting his arrival since photographing Amy and Steve’s maternity session last month, and was so excited to hear he had joined the world the day after Thanksgiving. I am so happy I got to meet this little guy and photograph him with his parents. He already has adorable expressions, and those tiny fingers and toes are simply irresistible. I have loved getting to know Amy and Steve better over the past month and am so thrilled for them as they start grow their sweet family. Here are several favorites from our session!

maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-01 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-02 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-03 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-04 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-05 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-06 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-07 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-08 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-09 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-10 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-11 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-12 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-13 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-14 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-15 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-16 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-17 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-18 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-19 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-20 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-21 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-22 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-23 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-24

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{Courtney and Barry, Married} | Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

When I first talked with Courtney and Barry about their late November wedding, they mentioned really wanting snow on their wedding day. That’s a pretty hit or miss scenario in Maine in the late fall, so I can only imagine the excitement at their house when the big Thanksgiving snowstorm hit just three days before their wedding. Not only did they get their white wedding day, they had the most perfect wedding day. Even with the literally freezing temperatures, nothing could get Courtney and Barry or their wonderful family and friends down. There was so much happy, and so much excitement and love all day long.

The ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Portland, followed by formals on the Eastern Promenade and in the Old Port, followed by a quick stop at Ri Ra, and then a gorgeous rustic-themed reception at one of my favorite venues, Portland’s Ocean Gateway. The Bob Charest Band kept the floor packed all evening, as they always do, and guests were treated to hilarious toasts, fun dancing, a fun photo booth thanks to Parrott’s Photo Booth, and even a cart full of very yummy gelato from Gorgeous Gelato for dessert.

It has been an incredible season of weddings and I am so excited to share my final one of the year – it could not have ended on a better note. Congratulations Courtney and Barry!

maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-01 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-02 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-03 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-04 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-05 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-06 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-07 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-08 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-09 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-10 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-11 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-12 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-13 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-14 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-15 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-16 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-17 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-18 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-19 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-20 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-21 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-22 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-23 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-24 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-25 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-26 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-27 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-28 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-29 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-30 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-31 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-32 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-33 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-34 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-35 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-36 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-37 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-38 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-39 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-40 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-41 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-42 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-43 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-44 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-45 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-46 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-47 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-48 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-49 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-50 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-51 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-52 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-53 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-54 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-55 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-56 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-57 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-58 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-59 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-60 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-61 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-62 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-63 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-64 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-65 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-66 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-67 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-68 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-69 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-70 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-71 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-72 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-73 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-74 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-75 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-76 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-77 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-78 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-79 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-80 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-81 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-82 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-83 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-84 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-85 maine-wedding-kristina-obrien-86

Ceremony – Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Portland Maine

Transportation – Custom Coach and Limousine, Gorham Maine

Reception Venue – Ocean Gateway, Portland Maine

Catering – Black Tie Catering, Portland Maine

Flowers – Harmon’s and Barton’s, Portland Maine

Reception Lighting – Event Lighting Concepts, Eliot Maine

Band – Bob Charest Band, Westbrook Maine

Videography – Rebecca Curtis, Curtis Weddings, Stratham New Hampshire

Gelato – Gorgeous Gelato, Portland Maine

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{Baby Edison, Just a Tease} | Cumberland Maine Newborn Photographer

It was just a little over a month ago when I photographed Amy and Steve’s maternity session in anticipation of Edison’s arrival. It was an exciting Thanksgiving evening for these two as he decided the time had come, and he arrived the following day. Today, at just 10 days old he had his first photo shoot and he rocked it with cute faces, sweet hands and toes, and a mom and dad who are quite in love with this little guy. Here are some teasers for your Monday dose of cute – more will be posted soon!

maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-1 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-2 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-3 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-4 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-5 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-6 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-7

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{The W and F Family} | Hampden Maine Family Photographer

Last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of seeing one of my favorite families. Every year in the late fall I get to see Amy, Thad, Turner, Annabelle and Auntie Liz, and this year we coordinated the session to take place in our hometown of Hampden at Amy and Liz’s parent’s house while everyone was home for Thanksgiving. There is always a lot of giggling and fun with this crew, and I think being at the grandparent’s house made Turner (the birthday boy!), and Annabelle even more silly than usual – making for some really fun playful images as well as the more formal family ones. I’m excited to be sharing this year’s images of this incredibly sweet family – enjoy!

Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-01 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-02 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-03 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-04 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-05 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-06 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-07 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-08 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-09 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-10 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-11 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-12 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-13 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-14 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-15 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-16 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-17 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-18 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-19 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-20 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-21 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-22 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-23 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-24 Maine-Family-Photographer-Kristina-OBrien-25

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{Courtney and Barry, Just a Tease} | Portland Maine Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I wrapped up my 2014 wedding season with Courtney and Barry at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and the Ocean Gateway in Portland. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the final wedding of the year than with these two, their welcoming and kind family and bridal party, and their wonderful guests. Courtney and Barry dreamed of a late winter wedding with maybe, just maybe some snow on the ground, and that is exactly what they got. They deserved the perfect day they had and I’m so excited to share their images. Here are some teasers, more will be posted soon!

Maine-Wedding-01 Maine-Wedding-02 Maine-Wedding-03 Maine-Wedding-04 Maine-Wedding-05 Maine-Wedding-06 Maine-Wedding-07 Maine-Wedding-08

Zach - November 30, 2014 - 9:33 am

That solo picture of the bride in the snow is just fantastic.

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