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{The W Family, Expecting} | Yarmouth Maine Maternity and Family Photographer

One of the things that I love the most when photographing good friends is that I already know their story. I know their personalities, what makes them laugh, their kids, and how they feel about the people around them. Annie has been a good friend of mine for almost ten years now. We met online while planning our weddings, (yup, we were internet friends!) and after meeting in person, she and four other amazing women and I all became very close, and have stayed close ever since. Annie is expecting her second child any day now, and last weekend I hit up the beach with her along with her husband Joe, and their three year old son Nolan. Nolan chose to spend much of our shoot exploring the beach, and while I love the images that include him, my heart skips a beat looking at the images of Annie and Joe. Knowing Annie as well as I do, I know how incredibly in love these two are, and their ability to be so relaxed in front of the camera gave me the opportunity to capture their love at a time that is so incredibly special in their lives.  On top of it all, Annie is incredibly gorgeous, and even more so pregnant. I’m so excited for my good friends and can not wait to meet the newest little guy in the family, hopefully any day now!


MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-02 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-03 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-04 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-05 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-06 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-07 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-08 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-09 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-10 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-11 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-12 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-13 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-14 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-15 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-16 MaineMaternityPhotographer_WFamily-17

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{Featured! WellWed Maine and New Hampshire Blog} | Maine and New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

What a sweet surprise this afternoon when I received an email from the WellWed team informing me that Heather and Erick’s fall wedding at the Stonehurst Manor in North Conway is featured on their blog today! I absolutely love this wedding, and am so honored to have it highlighted with WellWed. Many thanks to them for the feature and congrats to Heather and Erick yet again on a gorgeous wedding!



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{Elyse} | Portland Maine Fashion Photographer

The cool thing about being a creative professional is that when you want to, you can step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new and different. This is the case with my shoot with Elyse. I’ve never tried my hand at fashion photography. So when I was planning a day of shooting with some photographer friends, and one mentioned that she was bringing Elyse along to model for us, I was both excited, and nervous. Luckily for me, Elyse is a natural in front of the camera, and such a fantastic model for my first fashion shoot. We photographed in and around the Old Port in Portland and I love this mix of images that go from edgy to light and coastal. Many thanks to Elyse for letting us practice on her, and to my friends Becca and Patty for a fun day together behind our lenses.

MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-01 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-02 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-03 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-04 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-05 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-06 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-07 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-08 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-09 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-10 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-11 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-12 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-13 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-14 MaineFashionPhotographer_Elyse-15

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{The L Family, Just a Tease} | Waterford New York Baby and Family Photographer

Meeting babies is always really special. Meeting the babies of your closest friends is something that you almost can’t put into words. Last night I traveled to New York to finally meet Brian and Michael, the five- month old twin boys of my very special friends Katelyn and Bob. I have been dying to meet these little guys since they were born just before Thanksgiving, and finally had the chance to make the trip and stay the night last night. I can’t even explain the amount of joy Brian and Michael gave my heart over these past twenty-four hours and I am so grateful that Katelyn and Bob let me bring my camera along and snap some photos of them during my stay. Here are some teasers, more will be posted soon!

NewYorkBabyPhotographer-1 NewYorkBabyPhotographer-2 NewYorkBabyPhotographer-3 NewYorkBabyPhotographer-4 NewYorkBabyPhotographer-5

Mrs. C - April 15, 2014 - 5:18 pm

Hey Kristina! Love these! Can’t wait to see more so I can order some – you are so talented!
It was great seeing you – you are a good friend to Kate and Bob and now to the babies.

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{The W Family, Just a Tease} | Yarmouth Maine Maternity and Family Photographer

Last night I had the special opportunity to photography my friends Annie, Joe and Nolan as they prepare to welcome a new baby to the family in just a few weeks. Annie and I have been friends for many years now, and I could not be more thrilled for them as their family continues to grow. At 38 weeks pregnant, she looks incredible, and I am so excited about these photos. Here are some teasers, more will be posted soon!

MaineMaternityPhotographer_Annie-01 MaineMaternityPhotographer_Annie-02 MaineMaternityPhotographer_Annie-03 MaineMaternityPhotographer_Annie-04 MaineMaternityPhotographer_Annie-05

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