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{The M Family} | York Maine Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I traveled to York on a gorgeous sunny evening to meet Risa, Colin, and Colin Jr., for some family photos at their vacation home close to York Beach. When Risa first emailed me several months ago, she was especially concerned about the weather, after having a very rainy wedding day a few years ago. We lucked out and got a perfect evening for their first family photos, and I am so thrilled to give them dry, sunny images! Nice weather aside though, this family is a pretty sunny crew themselves. At almost two years, little Colin is full of energy and smiles and at five months pregnant, Risa is positively glowing. There is a lot of love with this crew and I’m excited to share some of my favorites from their session.

Maine_Family_Photographer-01 Maine_Family_Photographer-02 Maine_Family_Photographer-03 Maine_Family_Photographer-04 Maine_Family_Photographer-05 Maine_Family_Photographer-06 Maine_Family_Photographer-07 Maine_Family_Photographer-08 Maine_Family_Photographer-09 Maine_Family_Photographer-10 Maine_Family_Photographer-11 Maine_Family_Photographer-12 Maine_Family_Photographer-13 Maine_Family_Photographer-14 Maine_Family_Photographer-15 Maine_Family_Photographer-16 Maine_Family_Photographer-17 Maine_Family_Photographer-18 Maine_Family_Photographer-19 Maine_Family_Photographer-20 Maine_Family_Photographer-21 Maine_Family_Photographer-22

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{Nicole and Jon, Married} | South Berwick Maine Wedding Photographer

Photographing weddings is a pretty special thing. I’m a rather emotional individual so I often find myself wrapped up in vows, dances, and toasts, even when I don’t know the couple personally. Photographing a wedding for someone who I do know personally however, is even more special, knowing their story and their personalities even better than I do with couples who I have just met during the wedding planning process. Nicole and I have become friends over the past two years thanks to the abundance of fun (did I say fun??) group work required in our MBA program. One thing I knew very soon after meeting her was how in love she was with her boyfriend Jon. Hearing about their engagement was incredibly exciting, and then being asked to photograph their engagement session and wedding was such an honor. Nicole is not only smart and hard working, but she is as sweet as they come, and absolutely stunning. She and Jon have been together for almost ten years, and have seen college, military service, graduate school, and finally their wedding day last month at the First Parish Congregational Church in York followed by a seriously fun reception at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm in South Berwick. I’m so thrilled for these two and am excited to finally share the images of their amazing wedding day.

MaineWedding-01 MaineWedding-02 MaineWedding-03 MaineWedding-04 MaineWedding-05 MaineWedding-06 MaineWedding-07 MaineWedding-08 MaineWedding-09 MaineWedding-10 MaineWedding-11 MaineWedding-12 MaineWedding-13 MaineWedding-14 MaineWedding-15 MaineWedding-16 MaineWedding-17 MaineWedding-18 MaineWedding-19 MaineWedding-20 MaineWedding-21 MaineWedding-22 MaineWedding-23 MaineWedding-24 MaineWedding-25 MaineWedding-26 MaineWedding-27 MaineWedding-28 MaineWedding-29 MaineWedding-30 MaineWedding-31 MaineWedding-32 MaineWedding-33 MaineWedding-34 MaineWedding-35 MaineWedding-36 MaineWedding-37 MaineWedding-38 MaineWedding-39 MaineWedding-40 MaineWedding-41 MaineWedding-42 MaineWedding-43 MaineWedding-44 MaineWedding-45 MaineWedding-46 MaineWedding-47 MaineWedding-48 MaineWedding-49 MaineWedding-50 MaineWedding-51 MaineWedding-52 MaineWedding-53 MaineWedding-54 MaineWedding-55 MaineWedding-56 MaineWedding-57 MaineWedding-58 MaineWedding-59 MaineWedding-60 MaineWedding-61 MaineWedding-62 MaineWedding-63 MaineWedding-64 MaineWedding-65 MaineWedding-66

Accommodations – York Harbor Inn, York Maine

Ceremony – First Parish Congregational Church, York Maine

Reception - Red Barn at Outlook Farm, South Berwick Maine

Hair – Jennifer Tawa, Brookline Massachusetts

Makeup – Karla Patricia, Boston Massachusetts

Flowers – Blooms & Heirlooms, Kennebunkport Maine

Cake – Cakes by Billi Jo, Lyman Maine

Transportation – York Trolley Company, York Maine

DJ – DJ Nate Downs, Dover New Hampshire

Videography – Bridge to Shore Films, Maine

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{The H and A Families, Just a Tease} | Freeport Maine Family Photographer

I love photographing family, and am always so honored when family members ask if I would be willing! Yesterday I photographed two families, both cousins on my husband’s side. I am so grateful that they traveled up from Massachusetts for photos at Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park and a yummy lunch at Gritty’s afterwards. I started my morning with Meg and Brian, and 20-month-old Izzy, and then it was Cait and Paul’s turn with three-year-old Emma, and four-year-old Aidan. I had such a fun morning and can’t wait to share more of their images soon!

Maine_Family_Photographer-1 Maine_Family_Photographer-2 Maine_Family_Photographer-3 Maine_Family_Photographer-4 Maine_Family_Photographer-5 Maine_Family_Photographer-6 Maine_Family_Photographer-7 Maine_Family_Photographer-8 Maine_Family_Photographer-9 Maine_Family_Photographer-10 Maine_Family_Photographer-11

Cait - September 15, 2014 - 3:47 pm

Love, love, love these! You are incredibly talented!

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{Leah and Colin, Just a Tease} | Casco Maine Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was Leah and Colin’s day as they married at Leah’s childhood home in Casco. There was so much to love about their day – from their unique “welcome cocktail” with their guests, to Colin and the wedding party dancing their way down the aisle, to the clearly obvious amount of joy and love these two give to each other. I am so excited to go through their images and share their story! Here are some teasers – more will be posted soon!

MaineWedding-1 MaineWedding-2 MaineWedding-3 MaineWedding-4 MaineWedding-5 MaineWedding-6 MaineWedding-7 MaineWedding-8

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{The CN Family, Just a Tease} | Brunswick Maine Family Photographer

Yesterday I got to hang out with the CN Family. This is the third year in a row I have had the honor of photographing this trio, and I look forward to it every single year. It has been such a treat watching little Miles grow and I just love watching moms Ingrid and Allyson play and interact with him and each other. I always leave this family with a huge smile on my face – they make my day! Here are some teasers from this year’s session – more will be posted soon!

Maine_Family_Photographer-1 Maine_Family_Photographer-2 Maine_Family_Photographer-3 Maine_Family_Photographer-4 Maine_Family_Photographer-5

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