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{Sandi and Phil} | Cape Elizabeth Maine Couples Photographer

When winter portraits are scheduled, you never really know what to expect. It may snow, it may rain, it may be -20 degrees, or it may be 50 degrees. Maine likes to keep us on our toes like that. When I’m working with locals they know how temperamental January can be around here but I always feel like I really need to prep anyone who is visiting from away. Sandi and Phil decided to spend their long holiday weekend in Portland, visiting from Tennessee. We lucked out with a nice sunny day, but with temperatures in the teens and the windchills even lower, I was worried about how much fun this couple from the south would have. They embraced it though, with new Bean Boots, no jackets, and fantastic attitudes. They wanted some quintessential Maine images so we headed to Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth. The clear skies against the blue waters were a perfect backdrop to this incredibly sweet couple who I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet while on their vacation.

maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-01 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-02 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-03 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-04 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-05 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-06 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-07 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-08 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-09 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-10 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-11

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{Sandi and Phil, Just a Tease} | Cape Elizabeth Maine Couples Photographer

It was a whopping 19 degrees yesterday in Cape Elizabeth, and Sandi and Phil, vacationing here from the south in Tennessee nonetheless, were absolute troopers. They wanted quintessential Maine photos, and I was excited to bring them to the little beach by my favorite summer restaurant, The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. Here are a few teasers, more will be posted soon!

maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-1 maine-couples-photographer-kristina-obrien-2




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{Mini Sessions! Online Dating Profile Photos} | Maine Portrait Photographer

It’s a new year, which means lots of updates and exciting additions and changes. Last week I introduced everyone to my new lifestyle sessions, and today, just in time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to announce my online dating profile photo mini sessions!

I spend a lot of time photographing people in love. But I know that at one point we all spent a lot of time looking for it. And while online dating may have been new when I was looking, today, it’s a pretty normal thing to do. But my friends, you MUST have a killer profile photo. So, because I love love, I want to help you find love, with amazing profile photos that represent who you are – and don’t look like your best friend took it in your basement.  

If it’s time to start that profile and really start looking, or update your current one, email me to book your slot and have the best photo of the bunch.:)


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{Introducing True You Lifestyle Sessions!} | Maine Lifestyle Photographer

I am so excited to take today to introduce my newest type of session offering – True You Lifestyle sessions! This is something I have been wanting to pull together for months now and I can’t think of any better time to start offering them than in a new year!


What are they? True You sessions are just that – truly you! They are not a standard portrait session with a mix of candid, posed, or “everybody look at the camera” images. True You sessions capture real life with minimal direction if any, from me.


These sessions last for two hours and can happen anywhere you’d like them to and are perfect for anytime of year – even these chilly months! You can create a theme out of them – have a baking day, play board games, make a fort, go to the ice cream store, play at the playground, go for a hike, have a backyard picnic, grill a yummy dinner, or set up a camp site – or you can just hang out at home and I can capture part of a regular day in your life. The possibilities are literally endless! I get so excited thinking about all of the really cool sessions that could come from these!


Because these images tell a story, all True You sessions come with an album of up to 30 images of your choice from your session. You also receive 10 digital images, and can order additional images, prints, canvases, and albums.


Last month I embarked on a 30-day project, capturing real-life images of my own life. I adore the family photos we have had taken in the past, and have many of them on walls and in frames around the house. But the images of my daughter just being herself are some of my most favorite images I have ever taken. Your family, your relationships, your connections with the people around you are some of the most important things in the world and these sessions are such an amazing chance at a glimpse of who you are together – for you to remember as you age – and for the next generation to see how awesome the people before them were.


True You sessions are available year round and I am currently booking through the end of April. Email me at kristina@kristinaobrien.com for more information and to schedule your session! (Email me before this Sunday, January 11th to book your session, and receive a $50 print credit!)


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{Baby Owen, 18 days} | Yarmouth Maine Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer

My last session of 2014 was with my dear friends the “G” Family – Matt, Erin, Alec, and brand new baby Owen. Matt and Erin are friends of mine from high school, and recently moved back to Maine after several years in the D.C. area. I was so excited to hear of their return to Maine, and even more thrilled when I found out they would be moving in just a mile down the road! I have enjoyed getting to know Alec since their return and was so excited to meet little Owen at his photo session. He is already wide eyed with funny expressions, and has a soft spot for dad who could snuggle him to sleep in mere seconds. It was an honor to be able to take photos of Owen and the family as a whole and I’m happy to share their images in my first post of 2015!

maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-02 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-03 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-04 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-05 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-06 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-07 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-08 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-09 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-10 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-11 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-12 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-13 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-14 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-15 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-16 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-17 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-18 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-19 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-20 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-21 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-22 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-23 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-24 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-25 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-26 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-27 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-28 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-29 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-30 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-31 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-32 maine-newborn-photographer-kristina-obrien-33

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