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{Sierra, Hampden Academy Class of 2015}

Senior photos are not something I typically offer. But when my mom called me, raving about Sierra, one of her students, and asked if I would mind taking her senior photos, I was happy to do so. When I met Sierra I was even more thrilled that I said yes. This Hampden Academy senior is so sweet and kind with big dreams to become a vet tech. On top of that, she is simply gorgeous and a true natural in front of the camera. She brought along her best friend Kimberly (who is equally sweet and gorgeous), and her parents too so it was extra fun to also be able to take some photos of them as well. I wish both Sierra and Kimberly all the best as they enjoy their final year at my alma mater, and as they graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives!

MainePhotographer-01 MainePhotographer-02 MainePhotographer-03 MainePhotographer-04 MainePhotographer-05 MainePhotographer-06 MainePhotographer-07 MainePhotographer-08 MainePhotographer-09 MainePhotographer-10 MainePhotographer-11 MainePhotographer-12

mom - August 29, 2014 - 9:08 am

Kristina they are all so great. Love the family shot. They are going to be so excited with them. Thanks so much

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{Katie and Brett, Married }| South Berwick Maine Wedding Photographer

It’s been just a few weeks since Katie and Brett were married on a gorgeous day at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm in South Berwick. These two met while students at BC and started dating following graduation. Surrounded by an incredibly energetic group of family and friends, they celebrated and danced so hard I actually thought the floor might give in! Their wedding was a perfect mix of class and fun and I loved the energy and emotion that were evident throughout the entire day. I am so excited to share their day here, and wish them all the best!

MaineWedding-01 MaineWedding-02 MaineWedding-03 MaineWedding-04 MaineWedding-05 MaineWedding-06 MaineWedding-07 MaineWedding-08 MaineWedding-09 MaineWedding-10 MaineWedding-11 MaineWedding-12 MaineWedding-13 MaineWedding-14 MaineWedding-15 MaineWedding-16 MaineWedding-17 MaineWedding-18 MaineWedding-19 MaineWedding-20 MaineWedding-21 MaineWedding-22 MaineWedding-23 MaineWedding-24 MaineWedding-25 MaineWedding-26 MaineWedding-27 MaineWedding-28 MaineWedding-29 MaineWedding-30 MaineWedding-31 MaineWedding-32 MaineWedding-33 MaineWedding-34 MaineWedding-35 MaineWedding-36 MaineWedding-37 MaineWedding-38 MaineWedding-39 MaineWedding-40 MaineWedding-41 MaineWedding-42 MaineWedding-43 MaineWedding-44 MaineWedding-45 MaineWedding-46 MaineWedding-47 MaineWedding-48 MaineWedding-49 MaineWedding-50 MaineWedding-51 MaineWedding-52 MaineWedding-53 MaineWedding-54 MaineWedding-55 MaineWedding-56 MaineWedding-57 MaineWedding-58 MaineWedding-59 MaineWedding-60 MaineWedding-61

MaineWedding-62 MaineWedding-63 MaineWedding-64 MaineWedding-65 MaineWedding-66 MaineWedding-67 MaineWedding-68 MaineWedding-69 MaineWedding-70 MaineWedding-71 MaineWedding-72


Venue – The Red Barn at Outlook Farm, South Berwick Maine

Hotel – Sheraton Portsmouth, Portsmouth New Hampshire

Hair and Makeup – The Makeup Artists, Boston Massachusetts

Flowers – Lyndsey Loring Design, Dover New Hampshire

Cake – Confection Art, York Maine

DJ – Beat Train Productions, Boston Massachusetts

Photo Booth – InstaPhotoBooth, Danvers Massachusetts

Guest Transportation – Coach Company, Plaistow New Hampshire

Wedding Party Transportation - Feliciano Limousine, Rochester New Hampshire

Food Truck – Juice Burger, Dover New Hampshire




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{Nicole and Jon, Just a Tease} | South Berwick Maine Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to share teasers from yesterday’s gorgeous wedding with Nicole and Jon in York and South Berwick. Nicole is a friend of mine from grad school, so photographing her wedding was extra special and exciting! They had a gorgeous day, and almost ten years after they first met, Nicole and Jon are finally husband and wife. Here are some teasers, more will be posted soon!



MaineWedding-3 MaineWedding-4 MaineWedding-5 MaineWedding-6 MaineWedding-7

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{The D Family} | Ellsworth Maine Family Photographer

There are many things that make summer awesome, but out of all of them, I have to say that camp is probably one of the best. There’s nothing like kicking your feet up at the lake with your favorite people and enjoying some warm Maine air. Many years ago, Dick built his camp alongside his father, and today he and his wife Martha welcome the family to the cottage every summer. This year, camp had two new additions –  Dick and Martha’s new grandbaby Annaliese, and Pee Wee Lodge, a favorite of some of its youngest guests. This is the second time I’ve visited camp to photograph Dick and Martha, Chad and Melissa (now with Annaliese), and Clark and Anne, visiting from Seattle with sons Drew and Garrett. It’s always a pleasure to see this crew and an honor to photograph them together at a place that is so special to them all.

Maine_Family_Photographer-01 Maine_Family_Photographer-02 Maine_Family_Photographer-03 Maine_Family_Photographer-04 Maine_Family_Photographer-05 Maine_Family_Photographer-06 Maine_Family_Photographer-07 Maine_Family_Photographer-08 Maine_Family_Photographer-09 Maine_Family_Photographer-10 Maine_Family_Photographer-11 Maine_Family_Photographer-12 Maine_Family_Photographer-13 Maine_Family_Photographer-14 Maine_Family_Photographer-15 Maine_Family_Photographer-16 Maine_Family_Photographer-17 Maine_Family_Photographer-18 Maine_Family_Photographer-19 Maine_Family_Photographer-20 Maine_Family_Photographer-21 Maine_Family_Photographer-22 Maine_Family_Photographer-23 Maine_Family_Photographer-24 Maine_Family_Photographer-25 Maine_Family_Photographer-26 Maine_Family_Photographer-27

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{The D Family, Just a Tease} | Kittery Maine Family Photographer

This evening I made my first trip to Fort Foster in Kittery to meet and photograph Louise and Michael and their boys, Aidan and Sebastian. This was the perfect place for two young kids with a lot of energy and independence and I am so excited about all of the fun candid images I was able to get of them exploring the grounds and the beach. Here are some teasers – more will be posted soon!

Maine_Family_Photographer-1 Maine_Family_Photographer-2 Maine_Family_Photographer-3 Maine_Family_Photographer-4 Maine_Family_Photographer-5

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