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{Courtney and Barry, Just a Tease} | Freeport Maine Engagement Photographer

Tonight I finally had the pleasure of meeting Courtney and Barry, whose wedding I will be photographing this coming November in Portland. We met in Freeport for their engagement session and had a perfect evening to explore all of the different nooks and crannies of the downtown area. I love these teasers and I can’t wait to share more soon! Maine_Engagement_Photographer-1


Maine_Engagement_Photographer-3 Maine_Engagement_Photographer-4 Maine_Engagement_Photographer-5

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{Annie and Josh, First Anniversary} | Yarmouth Maine Anniversary and Couples Photographer

Annie and Josh have to be some of the most fun people I know. From the very first email I received from Annie, inquiring about photographing their wedding, I knew I liked her. When I met Josh at their engagement session last spring, and saw how incredibly adorable these two are, both individually and as a couple, I was hopeful I would see them again after their wedding. So when they emailed me over the winter asking if I would be up for anniversary photos, I was so excited, and even moreso when they mentioned their idea for the session. Armed with tubes of paint, paintbrushes, and nice clean clothes and hair, I joined Annie and Josh at a field in Yarmouth for what turned out to be one seriously fun paint fight. This session just fits them so well – highlighting their easy going, fun, silly personalities, and cuddly adorable nature as a couple. They had a blast covering  each other in color and I loved capturing both the “battle” and some sweet cuddly photos afterwards. Thanks for the fun session Annie and Josh!

Maine_Couples_Photographer-01 Maine_Couples_Photographer-02 Maine_Couples_Photographer-03 Maine_Couples_Photographer-04 Maine_Couples_Photographer-05 Maine_Couples_Photographer-06 Maine_Couples_Photographer-07 Maine_Couples_Photographer-08 Maine_Couples_Photographer-09 Maine_Couples_Photographer-10 Maine_Couples_Photographer-11 Maine_Couples_Photographer-12 Maine_Couples_Photographer-13 Maine_Couples_Photographer-14 Maine_Couples_Photographer-15 Maine_Couples_Photographer-16 Maine_Couples_Photographer-17 Maine_Couples_Photographer-18 Maine_Couples_Photographer-19 Maine_Couples_Photographer-20 Maine_Couples_Photographer-21 Maine_Couples_Photographer-22 Maine_Couples_Photographer-23 Maine_Couples_Photographer-24 Maine_Couples_Photographer-25

Ryan - July 18, 2014 - 9:02 pm

I left a comment on facebook, but everyone loves blog comments! :D :D – Seriously, this is the most fun session I have seen in a long time! Amazing idea, and amazing captures Kristina!! LOVE IT!!!

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{The G and W Families} | Bangor Maine Family Photographer

Last week was my friends Danielle and Greg’s annual return to Maine for their summer vacation with their family and I was excited when they asked if I would take their family photos once again this year. To make this year even more special, I not only got to meet their newest little one, Sophie, but we were also joined by Danielle’s brother Jaime and his family, as well as their brother Ben. This crew has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and it is pretty mind blowing to look at these photos and see everyone as adults with growing, gorgeous families. Here are some favorites from our session at Cascade Park in Bangor over the 4th of July weekend.

MaineFamilyPhotographer-01 MaineFamilyPhotographer-02 MaineFamilyPhotographer-03 MaineFamilyPhotographer-04 MaineFamilyPhotographer-05 MaineFamilyPhotographer-06 MaineFamilyPhotographer-07 MaineFamilyPhotographer-08 MaineFamilyPhotographer-09 MaineFamilyPhotographer-10 MaineFamilyPhotographer-11 MaineFamilyPhotographer-12 MaineFamilyPhotographer-13 MaineFamilyPhotographer-14 MaineFamilyPhotographer-15 MaineFamilyPhotographer-16 MaineFamilyPhotographer-17 MaineFamilyPhotographer-18 MaineFamilyPhotographer-19 MaineFamilyPhotographer-20 MaineFamilyPhotographer-21 MaineFamilyPhotographer-22 MaineFamilyPhotographer-23 MaineFamilyPhotographer-24

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{Alicia and Josh, Just a Tease} | Branford Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was a day nine years in the making as Alicia and Josh tied the knot at Bill Miller’s Castle in Branford, Connecticut. They could not have asked for a more gorgeous day, and everything went off without a hitch. I feel so grateful that I was able to capture these two and their family and friends as they celebrated through laughter, smiles, and tears. Here are some teasers, more will be posted soon!


ConnecticutWedding-2 ConnecticutWedding-3 ConnecticutWedding-4 ConnecticutWedding-5 ConnecticutWedding-6 ConnecticutWedding-7

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{Freddie and Erin, Engaged} | Portland Maine Engagement Photographer

Freddie and Erin have a cool story. Freddie is originally from Maine, and moved to Montana a few years ago. When she later met Erin, a Montana native, she visited her house and immediately noticed a picture of Portland Head Light on the wall. Freddie asked Erin if it was indeed Portland Head Light, and Erin had no idea – just that it was a picture of a lighthouse. A little over a year later, Erin proposed to Freddie, and bringing it all full circle, they decided to marry in Maine…at Portland Head Light. Their wedding will be next July, and during their visit to Maine last weekend to work out some of the details, I was fortunate to meet these two ladies, and take their engagement photos while they were in town.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been in the Old Port on such a foggy night. We were literally wrapped in a blanket of fog as we took photos along the Eastern Promenade. And while we may not have been treated to those gorgeous coastal views that the path provides, we definitely made the best of it by embracing the fog and shooting with it along the docks and pathways. I am so excited to see Freddie and Erin again next summer, and I hope they enjoyed the rest of their visit to Maine last week.

MaineEngagementPhotographer-01 MaineEngagementPhotographer-02 MaineEngagementPhotographer-03 MaineEngagementPhotographer-04 MaineEngagementPhotographer-05 MaineEngagementPhotographer-06 MaineEngagementPhotographer-07 MaineEngagementPhotographer-08 MaineEngagementPhotographer-09 MaineEngagementPhotographer-10 MaineEngagementPhotographer-11 MaineEngagementPhotographer-12 MaineEngagementPhotographer-13 MaineEngagementPhotographer-14 MaineEngagementPhotographer-15 MaineEngagementPhotographer-16 MaineEngagementPhotographer-17 MaineEngagementPhotographer-18 MaineEngagementPhotographer-19 MaineEngagementPhotographer-20 MaineEngagementPhotographer-21 MaineEngagementPhotographer-22 MaineEngagementPhotographer-23

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